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  1. My general attitude them is in regards to the Mac computers themselves. Overpriced and a nightmare in a windows domain and server environment.
  2. I had a Razr, that was a great phone. I beat the snot out of it and it just kept working.
  3. I despise Apple but until they stop making the iPhone I'll probably be slinging that around. It's reliable, relatively safe, has VPN right off the bat and works great with network diagnostic tools/VNC/VMware/RDP/etc. Company provides my phone so I don't really think about how overpriced they may be. There are perks to some of the other makers but I just need the phone to run flawlessly and perform the above applications with no hiccups. As far as the phablets, I just can't do them. Too large to fit comfortably in my pockets with a protective case, and I'm not wearing a clip on my
  4. Pelham Blue SG with small pick guard, ebony board, Lyre vibrola, Classic 57s and no robot tuners. If they came out with a P90 version in Invernesse Green as well I'd end up with two SGs this year. I'll probably just have to go to a luthier and have them built since Gibson doesn't give 2 shits about what their customers want. We'll just get more "tasteful burst" LPs and "relic'd" guitars.
  5. That sounded fantastic, very tempting. I'm seeing them in the mid $400 range, not a terrible price.
  6. It's been a while since I've seen it, but wasn't the park ran off of a Unix system?
  7. One that shouldn't be adjusting a truss rod in the first place.
  8. ^ Did you expect anything different? Courtney has been making a living off his corpse for how many years now?
  9. Excellent, I'm really looking forward to getting one of them. I've been good, working a lot and bought a house so I have very little time to play or relax. Plus the girlfriend is pushing for a ring... You know how that is.
  10. Let me know when you have some of those Rangemasters finished, Dub. I'd like to pair it up with the AC30.
  11. My 2 cents: go try out as many as you can and pick the one that you find is the easiest to use vs. features, apps and price that appeal to you. I'm far from being a programmer, but as an IT guy who takes care of a small/medium business chain and all the evils that entails I love both the Microsoft Surface and Apple iPad. I get to set up and play with all the toys before they make their way to the users in the company, and for what I do either one works extremely well. iPads work great for working on VMs, servers, and dialing into the VPN on the road to work on issues within the company. 4
  12. Wait, you're on ILF too? I messaged Dub there a couple months back but I never got a response. He's a good guy hope he comes back around soon.
  13. I'd take one if I could justify dropping coin like that.
  14. That board doesn't look right to me, a white Gibson just looks so much better with ebony.
  15. The extra grand must be be because they include the HS case now... I hope they come back down to earth in 2016. I was really hoping for a pelham sg with lyre this year (I'm sure many, many others would like to see them hit the market) and I've been looking at semi-hollows but I'll either go used or look to a different maker.
  16. According to the Fretboard Journal, Gibson is doing quite a large price hike across the board and eliminating quite a few models.
  17. Jeff-7


    If they're the stock tubes it's a good idea to replace them anyways, the stock ruby's are garbage. I really like the tung sol reissue 12AX7's and the JJ el84's are decent but I want to try something different in the power section of my HWAC30.
  18. Jeff-7

    air con!

    28 C is a nice day here in the midwest! I hear you on the AC though, if it gets above 70·F I fire that sucker up. I'm so ready to move North.
  19. The girl on the left needs to get that mustache waxed.
  20. What area do you live? My LG1 could use a case in better condition.
  21. Reverb is a pretty good site, better than fleabay imo. It sounds like you're pretty set on the 335 no matter what advice is given so you might as well buy it.
  22. Yep! All 5 wires that run through conduit in the hinge to the license plate lights had broken from use/old age and were causing a short. Some cramped quarters soldering in there, but it went perfectly.
  23. I just spent a couple hours out in the sun splicing and soldering wires in the trunk of my old Mercedes... wasn't exactly the fun kind of DIY..
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