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  1. check yo e-mail foo

  2. Updated the AC30 thread to include all my gear goodies :D

  3. That tends to happen once it gets too political, I imagine someone posted something and Duane moved the thread to Area 51.

  4. It's doing the same for me dem00n. It will let me view threads and post in the SG forum though.

  5. Yeah I already talked to ksdaddy before your post, just going to wait and see if it gets fixed. Good excuse for me to stay off here and get some playing done. If it isn't fixed Monday I'll ask again.

  6. Mark the forums as read when you enter the lounge and it should work as normal. Had to do it myself.

  7. Heard the new release Rope by FF?

  8. Yeah that new album can't get here fast enough.

  9. Didn't win, it went to 2950. I would have gone 2500 on it since it had some mods done (aftermarket topboost etc.). Have a feeling someone was snooping our conversation...

  10. Oh trust me I haven't given up, there's usually one or two up on eBay so I'll just keep scrapping up more money until one hits right in my wheelhouse.

  11. Try marking the forum as read, worked for me and dem00n.

  12. Hey Dub, does the el capistan color the sound on your AC30 at all?

  13. Alright thanks let me know if you do, AC30 should arrive early this week so I'm thinking about some pedals.

  14. Sounds pretty tight, getting a handwired with blues, hopefully it gets here Monday.

  15. I'm a fan of the more spacey sounding delay.

  16. I wish I knew a lot more about pedals, that Timeline looks very rad. I need to get a delay and fuzz but the only problem is I want a LOT of different pedals just need to pick my starting few. I wish I would have taken some vacation this week work is going to suck with my new amp waiting at home.

  17. I'll probably go with a big muff, then possibly an IC clone.

  18. Which skreddy? mayo?

  19. Yeah I think Mayos are going in the 7-800 range at least on eBay. I'll have to check out the Supa Tone thanks man.

  20. Foo Fighters documentary coming to VH1 on April 8th. It's airing in about 80 theaters on the 5th with a live performance feed after. Not sure which theaters will run it though.

  21. Got the AC30 today, made a thread in case you hadn't seen it yet.

  22. Nate said you've built an IC muff clone, mind linking me to a kit? Wanting to try building one.

  23. I posted a link in the country music thread you posted in. I think it may be televised or at least streamed online.

  24. How much would ya charge me to do a SM build?

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