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  1. Thought I'd share this and see what people's opinions are. We don't have a rock station here in my area so I'm forced to listen online and this is one of the alt rock web radio casts I listen to. http://www.edge.ca/Channels/Reg/NewRockNews/Story.aspx?ID=1263664
  2. I would sleep better at night if the USFW was down fighting the remnants of the oil spill rather than going after a few pieces of ebony.
  3. Definitely a good possibility, always amazed at the genius involved in some of our early engineering challenges. It would probably be easier to pump the water you mentioned to reservoir tanks instead of a big neoprene bladder. It's going to have to make a trip to treatment either way (unless you would use that water to irrigate crops) so it might as well be pumped beforehand to a storage facility. I wonder how long that floodwater would last were it treated and used for drinking water.
  4. Doesn't L.A. flood mainly because of the lay of the land and poor drainage? Setting up a collection system for the few occurrences where it happens would be a rather large waste wouldn't it? Desalination would be a great option if the cost and energy consumption to produce it were greatly reduced.
  5. Trufax Daryl. Was just thinking about this and I used to have a huge crush on Shirley Manson (garbage). Honestly as long as a girl has a great personality and something between the ears we'll get along great.
  6. Mankind will end long before this planet does, whether from self implosion or ecological/astronomical disaster. No matter how bad we think we're hurting the earth, it will survive and another species will replace us eventually. Enjoy your life instead of fretting about when it will end. As for Stephen Hawking, the man is undeniably a genius. Sure he is odd and has some whacked out, far flung ideas - but sometimes when you listen to genius it rubs off on you. I thoroughly enjoyed the recent miniseries he did (think it was on discovery or the history channel).
  7. So since the google euro to dollar conversion doesn't work with 6.950,00 how much is this thing?
  8. I'm an old movie junkie, Citizen Kane Casablanca.. my suprising favorite though is Mutiny on the Bounty with Marlon Brando.
  9. I don't see anything working too well, white finish with a black marker.
  10. Played ball since I was old enough to throw it. Started off as a catcher then in 4th grade made the switch to short and pitching. Was going to move on to college ball until I tore my throwing arm out of socket in football my senior year in H.S. Still using my Nokona. 12 years now and just as good as the day I bought it, oiled once.
  11. Farmed. Ran a disc on the fields before planting then the trucks during harvesting, in between I did hay (ran the rake, then mower, then baler as the years went on). Senior year of high school I started working as a pharmacy clerk then became a tech in college.
  12. Lolla hasn't had a spectacular lineup for years now. With Perry's little radius clause and knack for headlining quite a few bands past their prime (aka himself) and changing it to more family oriented it really keeps away quite a few people. Would have loved to have been old enough for the 90's lollapaloozas. He always has half a dozen bands I would really like to see together but they always get scheduled on different stages at the same time.
  13. I never had any issues with the required reading curriculum from elementary through high school. I have always loved to read and the accelerated reader program was a pretty awesome idea (for those who never participated - books were assigned a point value based on length of book and difficulty: first grade reading level through 12th etc. and you were rewarded by how many points you received at the end of the period over testing on those books - and you chose which books to read). The only time I ran into issues were for a class I took my freshman year of college called H2P (honors humanities projects). Some of the books were downright painful. I still have probably 20 of the books required for the classes (yes, there was H2P 2) and feel no urge to ever open them again. Edit: M I had to read gilgamesh - the long version for this class, and many many more.
  14. Agreed on BS2, had such high hopes. Loved the first movie.
  15. Titanic. Edit: I give it a nod for worst soundtrack ever as well.
  16. Typical answer will be whatever the poster currently plays.
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