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  1. Boulevard Wheat is usually my drink of choice during the summer with a little lemon. Stella is pretty good also.
  2. Definitely eye opening and enlightening. Thanks M and Notes.
  3. Jordan will always be the king of NBA to me.
  4. To add to the offtopic discussion I have always been a fan of Groundhog Day.
  5. Everyone likes their own brand.
  6. And your crap is probably the most hellacious smelling fecal matter on the planet while on this diet.
  7. How hot are you wanting the pickups? Any particular tone you're going for?
  8. I keep seeing people quote this a lot lately and it makes me think of 30 seconds to mars every time.
  9. Good looking axe, personally i love the smokey charcoal color with the figured maple.
  10. Which army used a model like that in WWII? I know German officers carried Luger's in the 7 and 9 mm chamberings.
  11. Were the alcoves red? My grandmother had (car is still in the family, uncle got it when she passed away from ALS) a '58 vette that was white with red coves.
  12. 339 and throw some Bareknuckle pups in the LP.
  13. Animal style. McDonald's food has changed a crapload over the years. Their fries don't taste nearly as good as when they were fried in beef tallow I usually hit a local burger joint or occasionally red robin or hardee's.
  14. Happy Meal toys can be used as an impromptu weapon.
  15. Raised and covered in glaze.
  16. Jeff-7


    I find it much more interesting than Nascar, I don't care how fast you're going if all you do is make left hand turns in a big circle for hours.
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