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  1. Pics please, and congratulations! Unfortunately I had to resort to GC as well for mine, only place within 2 and a half hours that sold them.
  2. The '61 in your avatar.
  3. No, now give me that RI!
  4. Slash is pretty great, but Axel's singing always gave me a headache. VR was cool while it lasted, combining Weiland and Slash was a nice concept.
  5. GC thread, neo should be here shortly. I'm going to agree with DAS.
  6. Played baseball since tee ball all the way through high school, was going to play college ball but I decided to play football in high school and tore my pitching arm out of socket. Playing is great but watching it is boring to me.
  7. Couple years ago made a trek to Chicago with my cousin to see Stone Temple Pilots at the Chapter One Pavilion. It's on Lake Michigan and it was freezing cold. 90 degrees in kansas and it was in the 60's during the daytime there (we overlooked that and showed up in t shirts and shorts). Amazing concert, Dean Deleo's amp caught fire mid set (pretty large gouts of flame!). They donated most of the money on that tour to local music programs in schools and even had a local marching band open for them. Was about 4 back center stage (standing room in front of the stage), had some big girls rubbing up on me the whole time but they made good wind blocks!
  8. 6 months ago the treasurer of our local Catholic church was altering the books and stole over 200 thousand dollars, good enough? Everyone just thought the new home and cars etc. were just because her lawyer husband was doing well. For this area of KS 200 grand is a huge sum of cash.
  9. Hmm wonder how that will look once the nitro starts aging.
  10. I see more fraud in my area involving actual churches than with masons, shriners and the like.
  11. Hmm, strip club called Bottoms Up in Fayetteville, AR. Buddy thought it would be hilarious to take me there. Plywood floors, PVC stripper poles, not a single "dancer" under 50. If hell had a strip club, it would be that place.
  12. Play it on easy and it's no problem though right? The different modes are there for those who want a challenge. Not the same for actually playing a musical instrument, well unless you count power chords I guess.
  13. I've heard that even with the single band only platforms their sales are dwindling pretty rapidly.
  14. You're fine with any mazda, and the only time you'll have trouble with the Rotary is in a boosted application like my old 93 Rx7 twin turbo (hence the 7 at the end of all my forum names), that thing was unreliable as hell but I sure did love it. Rotaries previous to that wankel regularly get 300k miles before needing a full overhaul. They are truly great engines as a whole, and so simplistic.
  15. Sorry for the derail but killer avatar neo, great movie.
  16. Jeff-7

    Robot SG

    Probably have better luck in the other forums as said, or just try googling it. I'm sure it's a common issue, good luck.
  17. My grandfather was a 32nd degree mason. My father is/was in it but no idea what degree he achieved.
  18. They get sports, we get rap. I think we got the shaft on that one.
  19. Thought she looked pretty hot in the Imma Be vid, but usually I like my girls more feminine. Kate Beckinsale is a goddess. Edit: By the way, if anything at least have tunes like that for when you have girls in the car. Crap like that is pure gold for girls grinding on your crotch on the dance floor.
  20. CB that thing is pretty damn sexy. as for Mine's just a tramp looking for some action.
  21. Definitely a good deal if it still plays well.
  22. Like neo said you can get a good used standard for 800 and a new one for 1100 if you can haggle a fair bit. The standards also seem to hold their value a bit better if you think you might ever sell it.
  23. The last thing I would be scared of is some teen at guitar center, you guys are way too cautious. Just another guy wanting to play music, I doubt he wants to turn you into a bender or anything. Jamming with someone who has interests other than yours can broaden your spectrum and appreciation of other styles and genres. Building your repertoire is a definite plus if you ever want to join a band in the future, go for it.
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