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  1. Saw one at GC when I bought my new white sg, looked pretty spiffy.
  2. Really like that Sky Burst Goddess Gromaj, that green LP is pretty sexy too pwhite.
  3. Wish I could have went to the early to mid nineties ones, would have been pretty rad to see a lot of bands like tool and NIN in their prime.
  4. I have always wanted to go to lolla but my concert buddy can't make it. Love Chicago as well, cool place and great pizza.
  5. Did you do the finish on your builds as well Neo?
  6. Haha thanks, I've had a couple good ones - quite a few bad ones - but never one I would take over my axes. Maybe someday.
  7. Wishing the best for you man, hope it works out.
  8. I'm sure most of the other guys have had years more experience in relationships than I have but I will throw in my 2 cents: at least see each other a while in person before moving in together to make sure the chemistry is still there. A couple of times when I got back together with an old flame the connection just wasn't there.
  9. Thought you were speaking of Born to Be Wild, overlooked the colon at the end of your statement. I do remember seeing Black Hole Sun on MTV when I was little - back when MTV had music.
  10. This isn't a pissing contest about who's favorite band is better, it's a thread about Slayer butchering a classic.
  11. That wasn't half bad Neo, youtube had some of the live versions - liked them even more.
  12. Don't know where you think you will find factual information on that subject but I guess we would have to see your definition of loyalty in relation to being a fan of an artists' work.
  13. True enough, I could see why though from the few times I have driven in places like Dallas. Chicago didn't even seem that bad.
  14. It's something I would expect to hear in Hell's elevator.
  15. Nah I'm actually pretty mellow. I just always get demonic hellcats for some odd reason. No tats, anymore it seems like everyone gets a tattoo to be a part of the "in" crowd.
  16. Holy crap, that's a lot for car insurance. I thought i was getting raped paying 60 bucks a month for the beater I use as a commuting car.
  17. http://store.gibson.com/Products/Lifestyle/Mens-Clothing/Cross-Microfiber-Shirt.aspx Looks like a stole from Catholic clergy outfits.. printed on a t shirt. Kind of like the always in style T-shirt tux.
  18. Nah I didn't head west, was the next phase in my plan if KC/Overland Park had been a bust as well. Will definitely check out EM Shorts next time I run over there though.
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