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  1. I liked the Hearts Burst Into Fire single but that's about the extent of my knowledge about them.
  2. I just recently bought an axe from GC, first time doing business with them. I had been on the hunt for a white SG standard for the past 5 months. Every used one that popped up on ebay would close severely overpriced and the few new ones were at a buy it now of MSRP - screw that. I hit every single shop (all but 1 were ma and pa stores) within 100 miles , out of 12 music stores and a few pawn shops, only 1 had a Gibson, and that was a les paul studio. Every single shop had dropped/were dropped by the Gibson line. Finally I had enough and decided to go Overland Park and stop at a few shops, was told the same thing. Everyone sells fenders and PRS but no one had Gibsons unless I wanted to go to guitar center (I'm thinking "oh great..."). I walked in and immediately saw a classic white SG standard up at the ceiling. Waited 10 mins for a rep to finally notice me checking it out, he took it down for me and I sat down at an amp to check it out. Played beautifully, no dings no scratches no rash. Decided ok time to go do some wheeling and dealing. Standing at the register, a rep coming in off break spots me and starts chatting me up. Sticker price on this one was 1399, the other SG's were 1299. I immediately asked why this one was higher - we chatted for 20 minutes and he figured out I wasn't the usual kid buying with daddy's credit card he was used to dealing with. He cut me a deal right there. 1100 bucks, and used the 20% coupon that "didn't apply to Gibsons" but he did it anyway. Walked out of the store with it for 900 bucks. Have to say he was one of the best sales reps I've ever dealt with. I had a pleasant experience and will buy from him again, and the guitar turned out to have just came in that day - it was manufactured 2 weeks before I purchased it and hadn't been touched by the kids yet. The proverbial virgin.
  3. Try polishing it up a little bit and see what you think, it's been a very long time from the look of it. If you're still not satisfied I would take it to a professional - get a quote and make sure you get some good recommendations. A pro worth his salt won't mind giving a list of past customers who will tell you their opinion of his work. You can attempt to correct some of the dings with a hot soldering iron by placing a damp cloth against the ding and touching the iron to expand it to its original form but honestly I would just take it to a pro.
  4. I'm far from an expert so I won't even begin to act like I should be a judge on that topic but Dean DeLeo (Stone Temple Pilots, various side projects) is definitely my favorite.
  5. But it's the only place for me to see music vids since MTV likes teen "I'm pregnant look at me" reality shows Edit: Man I really miss the early 90's MTV...
  6. Doesn't bother me really, a lot of people report issues with it not loading vids/choppiness but I've never had an issue with firefox and it's so simple to use.
  7. The only two things I like about warm weather: Scantily clad women and concert season.
  8. You caught me there, was trying to speed type, and yeah they added a digit. My new SG has 9 digits.
  9. That's 885 dollars for a used faded.. I guess if it's that rare over there go for it.
  10. I had a pretty pleasant experience buying my Classic White SG Standard from them last night. New in box, made March 11th of this year and I walked out the door with it for 1100.00 even, even cut me a deal on a Fender Amp while we were at it. I paid cash so I can't vouch for their credit plans or anything though. I had tried to avoid big chains because I prefer buying from a locally owned establishment but the 9 guitar shops within 80 miles had dropped/were dropped by Gibson. All of them had Fenders and PRS.
  11. They could honestly keep the pricing where it's at and I wouldn't get too miffed. I just wish they'd make the standard in more than 2 freaking colors.
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