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  1. I've got white covered, I'm jonesing hard for Inverness and Pelham. Gibson needs to put some out, throw ebony boards on 'em and I'll wipe out my savings.
  2. Macs aren't immune to viruses either, though. I just pulled 3 Trojans off the company owner's personal macbook 2 weeks ago. I'm a big fan of malwarebytes for an after the fact situation on Windows PCs (and Clamxav for Macs), and Avast for a full time antivirus solution.
  3. Mark me down for a Pelham Blue (especially "aged") or Inverness Green version :)
  4. Jeff-7

    sg p90

    Use a site like photobucket or imageshack for an easy way to do it. Guitar of the Week axes weren't custom shop afaik but there were definitely some cool ones that came out of that series. I wish they would do it again.
  5. It sounds like he did, she said he passed while asleep.
  6. Unfortunately yes, that is what Bev posted a couple days ago on Facebook. RIP.
  7. You could always look in the 5 watt range like the Marshall class 5 and the Vox AC4.
  8. I don't have any photos but a lot of family members were musicians. Mom played violin, my grandfather (her father) played drums, violin and accordian in local bands. Never got to meet him as he died of a heart attack when my mother was twelve. My great uncle Archie is one hell of an accordian player. On my father's side my grandfather played piano, organ, and harmonica, my uncle is an outstanding bass player, and my cousin is a superb piano player. He played for GW Bush at the white house, he's now a lawyer at a firm in Paris and plays quite regularly there.
  9. Even with it being end of lifed there is nothing to stop you from continuing to use it. You simply won't get any more updates or support directly from Microsoft. There are still businesses running their entire company on Windows 95. I like Windows 7 a lot, have windows 8 on my work laptop and it's more of a learning curve than the transition from XP to 7. Still not that big of a deal but it took away some of the easier user functions from previous OS versions. I'm in the middle of upgrading the OS (and in a lot of cases replacing computers while I'm at it) for the entire company right now. Most XP machines will be upgraded to Vista (or 7 depending on compatability with programs we use). PCI compliance may force the issue for retail business, and HIPPA for our pharmacies.
  10. Jeff-7


    We call those Steak Cut Fries. I would love to try Poutine, I want to wait and have them in Canada. If I happened upon them in the states I'm sure it woule be some bastardized version, like we do with every cuisine that enters our country.
  11. Jeff-7


    Mozzarella sticks & bacon wrapped cream cheese stuffed jalapenos are tops on my list.
  12. They should ship them all to Searcy, at least he would be pleased.
  13. Out of those it would have to be Queen with Mercury followed closely by Cash.
  14. Cheese, bbq sauce, bacon and onion rings if any are on hand. Gotta toast the bun. Another kind I do has basil, tomatoes, mozzarella and balsamic dressing.
  15. For a Faded Special I wouldn't pay more than $400-$450.
  16. Nice! Pics when you get it. Answer your pm's on ILF duder.
  17. Jeff-7


    Grats!! She's a beaut! I've been wanting an early 90's telecaster plus for years now, mainly because of Jonny Greenwood. Part of the reason why they're stil so expensive. Enjoy it!
  18. The same could be said for just plugging straight in to the amp ;) Pedals are great for "flavor" but, just like anything else, if it's overused you can become tired of hearing it.
  19. Pelham blue with a yellow tinted clear that turns it into that beautiful green color you see on 60's SGs nowadays.
  20. The ones releasing masses of new pedals at a time are usually just cheap clones of popular boutique pedals or pricier mass produced pedals. Mooer is a big perpetrator. I think EHX has released half a dozen overdrives recently with some being approximations of famous models like the Klon (Soul Food).
  21. I buy jumbo packs of picks because of this, though when I moved two months ago I found about 30 of them I had "misplaced"..
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