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  1. PELHAM, Gibson, PELHAM. And with a dark fretboard like ebony or curacao de negro or w/e. Just do it already. I don't want to buy a sig model from years past to get what I want in an SG. I don't care if you add a lyre to it or not, I'll add one myself if I have to.
  2. Ah I see, my mind jumped to the conclusion that the new 2014 models were all there would be and that the Original and others of it's ilk would get the axe. Still pissed about color options.
  3. I think that LP MM would be a good modding/refinishing platform. Not one single p90 SG? Still no Pelham? They did away with the SG "Original?"
  4. Be careful with that guitar stand, some of them have padding that can cause a bad reaction with nitro finishes.
  5. For actual spring - outside of an RI Fender reverb tank the best I've found is the VanAmps Sole-Mate For digital - Strymon Bluesky, Strymon Big Sky (those warped head modes with nonlinear settings are dreeaaaamy), Dr. Scientist Reverberator The TC HoF is pretty decent and has the bonus of the toneprint editor
  6. I'm poor at describing sound without coming across like a pretentious d**che so I'll just say it sounds really f***ing awesome.
  7. What, this? :D Gratz on the AC4 Dub! Always wanted to try one of those.
  8. Handwired AC30 with blue bells, don't ever want to part with it. Would love to run it stereo with a twin reverb though. Or a marshall....
  9. If you pop off the pickguard it's probably still reasonably close to the original color.
  10. Could part of the early breakup be the speaker? Maybe try looking into a higher efficiency speaker, or some modifications to take out some of the clipping.
  11. Part of what I love about it is the unfinished neck. Congrats she's a beaut!
  12. Yeah, it's just how you have to play the game anymore. Nationwide average of profit from sales at supermarkets are 1 cent on the dollar, the government ends up with much more profit than the companies themselves. My apologies if that sounded harsh, V, sometimes the tone of my posts are hard to convey. Was simply trying to pass along some insight into the operations of a large retailer.
  13. Because that street grocer doesn't have outrageous heating, water, electricity, maintenance bills. The daily cost of operating at these stores would shock you. Doesn't have a large group of employees to pay like stockers, cashiers, etc. The vendor is probably buying a lower quality standard of product which increases his spread. If I had a produce department with a 70% shrink on salads and the other high amounts across the board I would fire that produce manager. They need to be inventorying and watching their purchase to sales ratio. They might also have too large a department for their volume, and too large and varied selection of salads. People love variety in their shopping experience, but that same huge variety can really come back to haunt you. Then again if the aforementioned store with the huge losses pulls from a corporate warehouse instead of an independent one they could be having this product forced on them, which is the fault of the warehouse and purchasers.
  14. Their stuff is awesome, the strap with my SG on the previous page is a a Racer X from Couch. Going to pick up another one soon once I refinish my telecaster, probably going Sherwood Green... choices, choices. They also make wallets, camera straps, bags etc.
  15. Jeff-7

    LP Bass legit?

    Yeah that was discussed in the thread over there, he's asking for photos.
  16. Jeff-7

    LP Bass legit?

    Guy on another forum just won an auction on this: http://www.ebay.ca/itm/231073057631?ssPageName=STRK:MEBIDX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1426.l2649&autorefresh=true He's questioning now whether it is legit or not. I can't really notice anything that screams fake but it doesn't seem quite right. Thought I'd pop in here and ask. The TRC is probably aftermarket from another guitar, but the bridge looks different from what I've seen and the paint job looks a little strange.
  17. Extremely comfortable to play, great tone and sustain. Went and tried out as many guitars as I could after a decade of strictly acoustic playing. Fell in love with the SG Standard but wanted it in white, spent a month searching and lots of money spent on gas before I finally found one. Fell in love on the spot.
  18. Sounds like your area has become a victim of price gouging. I buy limes at 5 for a buck and lemons 3 for a buck from a local store. Wally world has the worst produce I've ever seen, I wouldn't buy it at half the price they charge.
  19. Fixed. http://consequenceofsound.net/2013/10/america-likes-nickelback-more-than-congress/
  20. Biggest freaking scam over at GC, the guitar comes packed IN THE CASE and they try to sell it separately. Sorry, had to rant about that. No clue on the archtop case.
  21. Jeff-7

    My old SG

    All I have to add to this conversation is that pics are needed. Just 'cuz.
  22. This, pretty much the only thing I would like them to do differently. Ebony boards on the axes again would be nice. Rosewood just looks off with some color combos.
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