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  1. Moog makes such awesome stuff but about the only thing in my price range is their ring mod.
  2. ****, you don't have to make it over 30. I've already had 4 knee surgeries and felt my right knee give out today at work, painful as hell... Looks like a visit to the orthopedist is in order..
  3. And I can't even get a standard production pelham blue SG
  4. If you like it I wouldn't bother messing with it.
  5. Partly the cab and partly the speaker. You could always sell/trade the ac4 combo for a head only version and find a cab you like. It's what I would do in your case since you like the tone you're getting.
  6. When the game became a blowout we would put in 2nd and 3rd string kids to get some experience on the field, ones who didn't get to see much playing time. If we were entering the red zone we would kick a field goal. It usually kept us from hammering out an even larger score, and avoided rubbing salt into the wounds of the losers. Even in a 55-0 sub state championship game in football my junior year. I guess winning graciously is out of vogue, and kicking the other team when they're down shows how awesome you are? Penalties shouldn't be involved in this, coaches should be men enough to play with respect to the other team. It is, after all, a game.
  7. Certain runs like store exclusive models have them. My 2010 Standard from GC has tapping.
  8. Jeff-7

    Pawn Shops

    '64 Gibson LG1 for $100 a year or two ago, mint MIM telecaster with HSC for $135 a week ago...
  9. Neither did Scott, he's always out of his mind on smack. The Deleo brothers are rad, I like Scott's voice but his lyrics are usually garbage.
  10. If the 335 is too big but you love the guitar otherwise, why not shop around for a 339?
  11. I've never tried the sideways trem, but still no Pelham
  12. Unpainted would be sweet as well, then I could get colors outside of the normal boring few they so generously offer.
  13. They can often get more for all the individual parts/pieces than the guitar as a whole.
  14. I'm not sure why, but Gibson comes out with a model people clamor over then severely limit production of the model. The Jeff Tweedy SG is an obvious one. Amazing guitar at an affordable price with an awesome color and cool features like the natural neck and lyre, and it disappears as demand starts to shoot up. I'd still absolutely love to have one but they're going for more used now than their retail when they were new.
  15. Honestly the only time I've ever seen gold hardware that I really cared for was on an 60's ebony 355 with lyre. Not my bag, but I'm not going to pick a fight with you for liking it :P
  16. Been a while since I've had things to add but I happened upon a deal that was too good to pass up. '96 MIM Tele in mint condition with HSC, some Fender tuner I've never seen before, and 10 sets of 9s. Got it all for $135, same place where I got the '64 Gibson LG1. Plan is to try my hand at refinishing with this axe, then mod it with a Bigsby, electronics, pups etc.
  17. The Roots is the ****. Only reason to even watch Fallon. Love that cherry but the gold would definitely have to go.
  18. Gotcha, M. They had a pretty good sized wildfire going when I was there around the Missoula/Kalispell area. Some 1200 acres from what a local told me, the smoke would obscure the mountains an hour's drive from the fire. Got to see the smoke jumper's HQ, takes some guts to parachute in to the middle of a fire. Never saw that one on the news when I came back home to Kansas, now that you mention it.
  19. Yeah, the prospects for a farmer nowadays are pretty poor. The drought last year and the wacky weather this year sure aren't helping things. You're in Montana, right? I was in Missoula, Polson, and Kalispell a few weeks ago. I didn't see a whole of businesses outside of gear, tackle, and grocery shops until I got closer to Glacier National Park so I really didn't get a feel for the economy of the area.
  20. Depends on the job and the demographic of the people in your area. Growing up as a farm kid I know that farmers tend to reinvest a lot of their earnings in equipment, land, seed, etc. Namely because they are necessary, and it helps cut down taxes they have to pay in by a large margin. I'm sure that affects reported income. Farm hands probably make a little less than I do. I make as much as a social worker and I work a private sector job with no bachelor's degree. Unless you're talking about the jobs like county treasurer, etc.? I know they make more than I do, but I was meaning more along the lines of the people in the "trenches" - the ones who actually deal with the public on a daily basis.
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