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  1. Pelham blue, seen on some 60's Gibsons (and later on), was used on 60's Cadillacs. Might be other cars as well but that one comes to mind.
  2. I saw them in Chicago in 2008 at the Charter One Pavillion, one of the best concerts I've been to. Got really lucky and we ended up all the way up front and right in front of Dean. Robert and Dean just work so well together, and Dean has some awesome gear (his ac30 burst into flames, luckily he had two more next to it). I was fortunate that Weiland wasn't doped out of his mind that night and had a hell of a performance.
  3. If players already have chops I have no problem with effects driven music. I love some of the things that have come out of more complex and interesting effects. Especially as you get into genres like the post-rock and ambient movements. Bands like This Will Destroy You, Russian Circles,My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth etc. have come out with some amazing music that wouldn't be achievable without effects like flangers, delay, tremolo, fuzz.
  4. As CB pointed out over compression has quite a bit to do with it. Levels are all maxed out in the same proportion which takes a lot of the dynamics out. Crappier sound systems like those in vehicles make this even more of a glaring issue. Autotune has become an effect in pop music instead of a slight correction like you may or may not have noticed in the 80's etc. The production values the public has become accustomed to demands perfection, singers spend days recording the same song in the booth with their tracks being manipulated (often heavily), unlike years past where vocals for an entire album might be done in a day or less (this is still probably done where budget and time constraints are forced). As to current pop music, some heavy cues are taken from 70's disco, 80's pop etc. Heavy electronic instrumentation, "4 on the floor" beats, the list goes on. I rarely listen to anything on the radio nowadays, it's all become a standard formula for each niche and almost spastic in the case of pop (possibly catering to the prevalence of ADHD?) These are all observations and speculations as I'm far from an expert in recording and professional musicianship. Just a decent guitar player from the armpit of the U.S.
  5. Too flashy for me but I dig the color, it'd look even better if the edges were a little darker.
  6. Black es355 with gold hardware and lyre. Nowadays I'd take that or a Pelham blue one, absolutely love that color.
  7. For what it's worth I'm not aware of any Vox amps that are currently made in England, even my handwired AC30 was made in Vietnam. The new ones sound great (love mine to pieces) and reliability wise you're probably not going to get better results going with an older English produced one. These amps run notoriously hot, and I've seen all sorts of issues from every production series. I even remember seeing Dean DeLeo's TB/6 burst into flames when I went to an STP concert in Chicago. Although if you do purchase a newer one be prepared to replace the tubes, the stock ones crap out rather quickly. My vote is still for the Vox, awesome amps with a great soud.
  8. Probably because we're spending time playing unlike some of our "counterparts" who watch it hang prettily on the wall next to the computer ;)
  9. Just open an account with imageshack.us and upload your pictures. 600x800 is a good size for forums. Then click the insert image iconon here, and paste the direct link from imageshack.
  10. That sure is a beaut KS, I'd hang on to it!
  11. I'd like to see more pics from anyone who gets one in. I saw a few pics of what is supposed to be the TV 355 and I wasn't impressed with the finish, wood grain was showing through and with something like Pelham I would rather the finish be solid.
  12. There are very few fuzzes that I don't like, I'll dig anything from the smoother ones to spluttery wild oscillating fuzzes. The more the merrier.
  13. Saw these a while ago, I've grown to like how they look (outside of the pinstripes on the black one).
  14. Jeff-7


    Porterhouse fan myself (medium rare to rare), garlic salt and pepper. I get one side of the grill quite a bit hotter than the other, use the hot side to sear and get good grill marks, then move to cooler side. Flip and repeat (flipping only once). Let the steak rest for a good 5 minutes on a warm plate.
  15. I ******* love that wall of Vox amps. Main squeeze is a Vox handwired AC30 with alnico blues
  16. Same over here, resale sites like Stub Hub will buy out all the tickets instantly then resell them for up to quadruple face value. Apparently they're finding ways to get around the filters put in place to stop this kind of thing. I passed on Roger Water's "The Wall" tour, as much as I'd loved to have seen it I just couldn't part with over $200 for a ticket.
  17. ^ He's merely resorting to theatrics to hide his lack of of skill.
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