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  1. Hi KL, oops sorry I left that part out. The lining of my guitar case is white. The interior is fury white in color. I am pretty sure the dark marks are inside the paint from what I see. I guess that is the price of having a white guitar.. Perhaps I should just close one eye on that.
  2. A BIG thanks to everyone for your inputs and suggestions for the pickup. I guess '57 classic is a all time favorite for everyone. For the black marks, I'm definitely sure is not caused by any stain accidentally I can feel is inside the paint. Furthermore I have not touch her for these few weeks and keep her sleeping well in the hard case, I still see new dark mark surfacing out on the other part of the guitar. Sighz. I wonder should I take it back to the shop where I bought it.
  3. Hi guys, here is the "black marks" on my guitar. Sorry for the blur image as I do not have a super macro len. The marks are actually inside the paint hence it cannot be wiped away by the surface and is "growing" more each day on other part of the guitar.
  4. Hi guys, I bought a alpine white studio about half year ago. Is kinda seductive when is just out from the oven however as the days passed, it started to become yellowish till I gave up on worrying about it. However recently I realized there are black marks starting to surfacing out from the guitar. Is like wood mark and is very obvious on white surface. Anyone facing the same problem as me? And also need some opinion from you all. Studio come with 490R and 498T pickup. Will the sound really improve if I upgrade to Burstbucker Pro?
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