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  2. Next year is gonna be the 50th anniversary of the Gibson (Les Paul) SG! Does anybody here know about a special edition? Oh, I guess that the cost will be in the Gibson ''reasonnable'' usual prices.
  3. Well there is one brand new in my local guitar shop. I guess there still have some in Canada! I don't want to missed this opportunity.
  4. Thanks for your answers! I know that the Casino is a full hollow body. Does the one with bigsby has a central block (like the DOT)?
  5. I was asking myself ''why''! Why what? Why didn't I buy this Les Paul Junior 1957 edition, why didn't I buy this G-400 custom (cream color and gold hardware) with the Lyre vibrola? Since that, I regret everyday of my life my decision to not buy them:-({|= I tried those guitars last summer and was surprised about the quality and the sound. Then, I'm trying to find somewhere they still sell them. I guess that's an impossible mission... Do you know if Epiphone is planning to reissue these axes? Why do they not included them in their regular guitars? If you are the proud owner o
  6. Wow! What is this model? Do you know wich year they were made? What's the value for this axe? So much question...! Pretty cool!
  7. I have to plug an angled jack. The whammy is pretty close to the switches but I guess I'll have to deal with it! This guitar is pretty heavy. I have a Gibson SG Standard (wich is pretty heavy for its size) and the SC-450 is heavier. Thanks! Is anybody here have an other unusual vintage Epiphone model?
  8. OK, I had it for 250$ with the case (not original). The stp is missing but the bigsby seems to be as old as the guitar. Not sure about the humbucker... original? Well, it doesn't matter. The action is low and the neck is like an arrow! Look at the pic! I love the walnut finish. If you don't see the picture, here's the link http://s427.photobucket.com/albums/pp352/tomyyy22/
  9. Not sur that it will be collectible one of these day, but it still a vintage guitare in a great condition! Does anybody know what kind of humbuckers were installed on these?
  10. Hi! I'm about to buy one of the ugliest Epiphone ever. Even if it is ugly, it plays like a dream. What are your comments about a Epiphone SC-450 1978? Should I buy it or not? What's the real value of this? I will pay 275$ for it. Is it too much? Thanks!
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