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  1. It's over 50 years old, cherish the checking, it makes it sweeter.
  2. The F-25 from the 60s has a 2" nut.
  3. If the Earth was flat, cats would have knocked everything off by now.
  4. In my case it is an inherited guitar, my late mother-in-law's 1968 Martin 5-18, a little tiny terz guitar. She never played it so it's nearly pristine. I had the pick guard replaced because the original had warped and had pulled up at the edges but otherwise very original. It even has the original strings on it. And I have the letter from Martin & Co. when she registered it when she got it. I'll never play it much partly because it's too small and I want to keep it almost as new. It's kinda like a low mileage classic car.
  5. Me too. Great for learning, I could play it hard or soft, and strum or fingerpick. I sold it in '82 to finance my current Gibson, a F-25 which is a steel stringer with the dimensions of a classical guitar. The transition was easy.
  6. I've had mine since '83, a '66 vintage. It has a flat fingerboard just like a classical guitar. That's why I bought it, I was used to playing a classical and wanted a steel string but they all had necks that were too skinny for me. Then I found mine in a pawn shop for cheap - $150 - and immediately fell in love. I had found my life partner guitar.
  7. I Googled it and found Nilsson listed. Great movie, by the way.
  8. I saw that Jack Paar show, I watched it regularly back then. I had heard about them and was curious. And like you I was lucky to have "cool" parents, ones not automatically against anything new.
  9. Everything changed. 1964 was the year us boomers became "adults". We had lost our President and were wondering what our future was going to be and The Beatles showed us what the future was. Their appearance on the Sullivan show signaled a shift in the market in the music business, suddenly the largest part of the market was young. An historic moment for sure.
  10. Looks real to me and probably very nice sounding. It looks like it could use some professional TLC and I think you may have a winner.
  11. And a new member of the R&R Hall Of Fame.
  12. It's about time for Butterfield. Their influence was huge in bringing the blues back into popularity. Joan Jett is just plain out and out screaming rock and roll. She's always been in my personal Hall of Fame.
  13. I knew the infamous Squeaky Fromme, the Manson groupie who tried to shoot President Ford. This little chippy sounds like her.
  14. I saw them a couple of years ago on their 50th anniversary "final" tour. Great show. They may not be the "best" rock band but they are indeed "The Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the World"
  15. My first guitar was a Gibson C-0. It was built like a truck which is why it wasn't a remarkable guitar.
  16. Double down on Pete Seeger.
  17. Every time my wife says "That was nice." I'm glad I'm a guitar player.
  18. I love seeing any discussion about F-25s. I've had mine since '82 and will never give it up even though it as a "hack" refinish of the top. tpbiii is right about moderating its huge raw sound. I played a classical guitar for 20 years before getting the F-25 and found that all the techniques I may have acquired on classical translated to this with its 2" nut. I fingerpick with bare fingers like with nylon strings and also strum with my fingers. This guitar is perfect for me and I feel blessed to have found my life-partner- guitar as early on as I did. Good luck with your search.
  19. My parental grandmother was Irish so I'm 1/4. I never knew her though, she died in 1918.
  20. It's the non-adj. saddle and the belly-up bridge that make it '66.
  21. I had found a web site that had serial number information for Gibson and said mine was '66. The neck probably is not as chunky as a Smeck but it is not by any means slim. The only thing I cared about when I got it was the width of the neck. All I had played for 20 years when I got it was a classical and a 12 string, both wide necks. I tried playing a lot of steel stringers but the necks were all too skinny. I didn't care that the top had the cheesy refinish or that it looked like it had been to war, it had me at hello when, as if pulled by some unseen force, I was drawn to the pawn shop. And t
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