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  1. Hi all - I was wondering if there’s been any Gibson acoustics w a 1.75 nut. Also, tried looking it up via google, but didn’t find any useful info, any pointers on where I should be looking? Thanks for any info.


    The F-25 from the 60s has a 2" nut.

  2. I like reading conspiracy theories because they're very entertaining and this is the latest I've reading. Flat Earth is the center of the universe and everything revolves around earth and Antarctica ice keeps the ocean waters in.

    If the Earth was flat, cats would have knocked everything off by now.

  3. In my case it is an inherited guitar, my late mother-in-law's 1968 Martin 5-18, a little tiny terz guitar. She never played it so it's nearly pristine. I had the pick guard replaced because the original had warped and had pulled up at the edges but otherwise very original. It even has the original strings on it. And I have the letter from Martin & Co. when she registered it when she got it. I'll never play it much partly because it's too small and I want to keep it almost as new. It's kinda like a low mileage classic car.

  4. I prefer Coke only because it's got the name - gimme a coke.

    But I do live the Pepsi throw back ads with Dylan singing "Forever Young", my favorite Dylan song. I think the fact that Dylan's, or any other star of the era, music is being used indicates that the "boomers" have won, or at least our music wins.

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