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  1. And would I need to change my pots to another value with a P04?
  2. Is the Gibson P94 better than than the GFS dream 90 ?
  3. Perfect! And what brand would you recommend me? In a budget of about 100€ (130$, 83£). I was thinking about the Gibson, but is there better in that price range?
  4. Oh I see thank you very much. The reson I don't use my neck pickup a lot is because I think it's not very clear. It's very "bassy" if you know what I mean ? I find it hard to use it on my everyday playing. (It's a 57 clasic). I think I will go with your advice and put a P94 in the neck! :) I hope it will be much more interesting to play!
  5. I mainly use my bridge pickup, for rock songs, chords, solos and such. The neck not so much, only for songs that recquire a certain sythisizer tone. Why is P94 in the neck so common ? Would it sound really bad the other way around ?
  6. Thank you very much! I sent him a PM to not hijack his very nice thread.
  7. Hello all ! I have a Epi LP Custom with Gibson 57Classic in the neck, and a 57Classic+ in the bridge. I like it very much and have played for 2 years, but a lot of guitarists that I admire play on P94's. I really love the tone. I was thinking of putting one in my Custom ? Is that a good combination ? What do you guys think ? Where should I put it? in the neck or the bridge ? What that combination add more versatility to my guitar ? My amp is Fender Blues Jr. Thanks! Guitarist of my favorite band "The Strokes" uses a Epi Riviera with P94. Here is the tone:
  8. AnimalFarm it is you who helped me installing the Gibson 57 classics on my les paul a while back, remember ? So I did some work myself on my guitar! But this pot problem is something totally new and my tech is awesome he shows me what he is doing and explains it to me. So I will stick with him I think. It's my only guitar. And I'm getting better and better (1 year of playing) and I can't afford not being able to play for too long!
  9. Oh right I see! So unfortunately I don't have the money to upgrade all the electronics (pots swtich etc). But changing only the faulty pot is possible right ?
  10. Okay I see! I am not too familiar with repairing electronics so I will give my guitar to a tech! If the knob has to be replaced should I buy one and give it to the tech ? Or does he normally have everything he needs ?
  11. Hey y'all. The other day I noticed my neck pickup lost 95% of volume. -> I had the same problem last year and my guitar tech fiddled with the knobs and turned them so hard that the entire pot would turn. That's how he fixed the problem. He said something interfered with the pot ? It was a year ago and I can''t remember enough to do it again myself. Do you have any ideas ? (I cant see my tech hes not where I live). Thanks!!!
  12. Hey OP! I had a 212R for 1 year and just recently upgraded to a Fender Blues Jr, so I know what I'm talking about, and boy did I HATE de 212R!! From day 1, where I knew nothing about guitar and tone, I knew there was something off with that amp. I am a bit too lazy to elaborate in a big paragraph so I will just make a list : - The clean channel is good only until volume 2. As you go louder, it gets even more weird on the ears. - The tone has no "personality" at all. It's just... dull. You can play the most beautiful chords out there, it just sounds... you know. just... boring!
  13. Wow very nice guitar! Lucky you going on tour like that, I hope you have fun!!! Happy new guitar day!
  14. Hello everyone. I have a Epi Les Paul Custom which I love. Great strong feel. I am planning on getting a LP Special TV Yellow with the P90s. What differences in the all around "feel" of the guitar vs the Custom am I to expect? Thanks !!! PS: not talking about tone diffences!
  15. Oh thanks for the link So this : http://store.guitarfetish.com/Large-Bushing-Tuneomatic-Style-Gold-Bridge_p_445.html doesn't seem like what I have :(
  16. Hello thanks for the help and info :) I once went to a guitar tech and mentionned the problem (I didn't go to him for that) and he told me it's the little metal bar in front of the screws that create the buzz. It's only on open strings and the same type of buzz. NOT FRET BUZZ!
  17. Hello! My tune o matic bridge on my Epi LP Custom is creating a little buzz that's driving me INSANE. I googled it and I found that it's better to replace it. So I found this : http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/GIBSON-GOLD-ABR-1-TUNE-O-MATIC-BRIDGE-LES-PAUL-ETC-/230570026866?pt=UK_Guitar_Accessories&hash=item35af0b6772#ht_2178wt_957 It's Gibson. Do you think it will fit in Epiphone ? Thanks !!
  18. hey there Strokes fan!! I will follow your advice!! haha you got me there, that TV Yellow LP caught my eye because of Nick Valensi! That guy is just... wow!
  19. So would you pick a Hot Rod Deluxe or the guitar ?
  20. You would... hmm. I mean yeah the 212R is getting boring but the guitar looks so nice...
  21. But P90s are very different from 57 classic, so I would sound different wouldn't it ?
  22. I have one guitar, it is a Epi Les Paul Custom which I put Gibson 57 classic inside. It rocks. I am going to get a tubescreamer from Visual Sound to put on the clean chanel. But I have to choose between the Les Paul Yellow, or a new amp (the HRD is the amp my favorite band uses, The Strokes)
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