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  1. Yes, thanks for those last few jabs, I suppose it's only appropriate that I get flamed myself for my ignorance. It's just I had never seen anything like it before, and I had no frame of reference, so there you have it. In all honesty thanks for the replies and for properly educating me.
  2. Ok thanks. That's all I wanted to know, is if it was normal or not for the AA maple. Thanks for the input everyone, glad to know I'm just being paranoid.
  3. My wife bought it for me from Musicians Friend, and their 10 day return period had expired by the time I received it, so any action would fall under Gibson's factory warranty and not the dealer. So they would actually attempt to repair something like that rather than send a replacement? If that's the case I can live with it. It is definitely unique looking but I can't decide if it is in a good or bad way. And for $2700 I would expect a product to be flawless. My question is whether this kind of condition would even be considered a flaw.
  4. Hey everybody, I recently received this Les Paul Standard as a gift and I love it. I just had a question about the wood quality on the "AA" maple top. I know that the wood grain is going to be unique for each guitar but mine has these strange marks all over the top, I don't quite know how to describe them, they look like the equivalent of stretch marks or scratches only they are under the finish like it's part of the wood. Also, sometimes it is only visible in certain light or angles. Does anyone else notice the same thing on theirs? Is this a quality control issue that I should call Gibson about or am I just being OCD? Other than that it is a beautiful instrument and a joy to play.
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