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  1. I decided to go back to the 'Ole Days' with my '54' Tele So I put on a set of Flats .012 thru .053 Thomastik-Infeld George Benson Series LOVE THEM!!!!!! Wish I would have done this earlier. Seriously
  2. Ive played the ES-195 at Haggerty's in Rapid City, SD. Milo it was the Black model. I really liked the tone and playability. The Bigsby was a feature I probably wouldn't use. Also, I am partial to the Amber colored model, it's a few bucks more. For me it was hard to get by the 'Hawk' headstock so only because of the headstock I would give it a 4 out of 5. By the way Milo this Saturday June 15, 2013 Haggerty's is hosting Gibson so fun and workshops will be available at the Main Street Store in Rapid City, SD
  3. Milo: It's Haggertys I think at or after NAMM they decided to take the plunge. They sell a ton of Epi's at least in the Gillette area. I walked in one day a few weeks back and they asked me what Gibson's I would like to see come in to the store. That week they placed an order for maybe up to a dozen just for the Gillette branch. I think it will be a great fit especially since both stores have a luthier. I am wondering how they will do the marketing and announcement as a dealer. You have probably seen some of their commercials. I know that our area is excited and I think the first
  4. I am assuming you are talking about an Acoustic Gibson with perhaps an PUP. The why buy a Gibson really comes down to you. You put your hands on it, You played it, You liked it. That's the main reason. Some perks are ....They are gorgeous, They hold their value and They last and last and etc. Save your pennies and of course dollars you will not be disappointed
  5. No longer do we have to travel to Denver, CO or Iowa, or MT. A full service Brick and Mortar to Rapid City, SD and Gillette, WY Yipppppppeeeeeeee. I know I need to scale back the excitement.
  6. Absolutely Gorgeous ! It sounds like you put a lot of thought into this build. ENJOY
  7. There is not enough EEEEEEEEEEE's in swEEEEEEEEE....EEEEtttt to describe that!!!!!
  8. My view (opinion) on the comparison of Fender to Gibson relates to the "Tone" we as "players" "musicians" "hacks" etc. try to achive at any given moment. As an example ... when I hear a song being played and I hear the guitarist play and it is something I want to emulate, I want to know "How did he do That? On What? With What etc. So the first comparison is in my own mind. I formulate an opinion as to could I do that on my LP or my Tele. Various comments from the "Lounge" I think indicate great artists playing on various brands achieve that "tone" we so admire. Ergo the reason (I think
  9. GREAT POST The Hammond Tone Organs are marvels of engineering. I have an 1964 era "A series" which I call a B3 on Steroids as it has the amplifier built into the cabinet. I do not have a Leslie as seen in the video ....Yet ! The reason I call them marvels is my A102 has lost a couple of the frequencies produced by the "Tone Wheels" and assorted electrical components. I have spent the last year and a half trying to repair the issues from studying the schematics, reading web sites devoted to these marvels changing capacitors to pulling the whole tone wheel module etc, It is fun and
  10. PM Gorgeous Just, well, you know Thanks for sharing with us! I too am waiting to hear her SING
  11. Why Thank you Dave! In Wonderful Wyo we have had some 90-100F days but alas the weather shows not cool but colder weather on the horizon. The last report I knew of was w Winter storm warning coming down from Canada into Montana. It probably will not affect us to the eastern side of "Ole Wyo" but to the west i.e. Yellowstone and the Teton Mtn. area no doubt will start to get lows of 35-45 F ENJOY Spain and the warm
  12. Good advice Tommy! Now a coffee endorsement....I love coffee so over the years Ive tried different Coffee makers and coffee beans. Finally I got a KEURIG (coffee maker i.e. "K" cups) .....GREAT single cup from Mild to Dark Roast..all kinds of Teas etc. less than $.50 a cup. If you get a chance Fred to sample, I think its worth a try.
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