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  1. A couple of years ago they were calling the Cardinals the worst playoff team in history and they went the Superbowl and came close to beating the Steelers so you never know. As far as Bradford goes, we all know how talented he is, yesterday we got reminded how young he is. My team has been put out of thier misery for many weeks so all I have left is to root against the Jets and Eagles. Never liked those teams. Maybe it's the greenLOL.
  2. Where's the pics of the Holy Explorer? I'd love to see those...which production # did you get?

  3. You did great. Moments like that will keep you thinkin' it's all worthwhile. Darryl seems like a pretty cool dude from what I could tell. I have to get to PHX and check out the Compound and some other live music venues. Last time I was there I went to see some old friends at the Rusty Spur and they had a great band. Psychobilly Rodeo, I think. Cool music town. Home of Alice Cooper and the Tubes, oh yeah and me LOL. David
  4. When I bought my LP a couple of months ago, noticed that the PUP rings were warped a bit(not as much as this one). I started looking at other Les Pauls and most were that way. Looks like maybe the rings were made for a flat top and kind get warped when screwed onto an arch top. Didn't keep me from buying the guitar. David
  5. Very cool pic. Lookin' like a Rock Star, especially with that guitar. David
  6. "Would it make you feel better if we told that what we're asking Matt to do is a Holy thing? We're on a mission from God." Speaking of Holy things, my Holy Explorer got here today. All my second thoughts have gone the wayside. The set up was God awful but a little truss rod tweak and bridge adjustment has her purring like a kitten. I know my taste is suspect but I think it's beautiful. The finish is satin (one more coat of nitro than the faded I think) but it looks great on this guitar. It's light as a feather and it sounds very much like my V which my favorite sounding guitar. Time wil
  7. Right on. Thanks to the forum guys you not only found out your guitar isn't a fake but it's so damn cool you're gonna keep it. Beautiful. David
  8. Thanks guys for not making too much fun of my new purchase. Lowb5str, I agree with you about the stiffness of the design having the great effect on sustain not the mass. That's why I suspect the cutouts won't have as much effect as some might think. Stiffhand, You are probably right about the collectors value being a big maybe, but it helped me talk myself into buying another guitar I don't need and that can't be bad. David
  9. I'm sure I'll get dogged out for this since the Holy Explorer is generally ridiculed and considered Butt ugly by most but I just bought one on Amazon for 780 bucks. My thinking is that since there were only 350 made and they were so unpopular it is unlikely there will be more, it will definitely have some collector value. Also, with the 496 and 500 ceramic PUPs(like my V) and set mahogany neck and body, I'll bet it is a rockin' machine. I know some will say the cut outs are gonna ruin the sustain but that's, BS.With solid bodies the sustain mostly comes from a well designed set neck, wood t
  10. Pay pal has a buyer protection deal that I used once with no problems. Should cover it if it isn't what it's advertised as. David
  11. Yeah. Another place to show off my new guitar. Not that I'm proud or excited or anythingLOL. Got it about two weeks ago.
  12. I ordered one of the 50s Tributes and was looking forward to trying out those P90s. I had an Epi Riviera with P90s that sounded great but was crap to play so I sold it but miss the P90s sound. Well I spent my 50s Tribute money (actually double the tribute money) for a new Traditional and cancelled the Trib order. I'm thinking of getting a humbucker size P90 and putting it in the neck position of my 2005 Studio(like the BFGs). I have a Dimarzio "Steve's Special" bridge PU that I will use there. Does this sound like a good idea and what do you guys suggest for an HB size P90 type PUP that
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