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  1. Hi do you still have Bernard's gibbson 336

  2. Okay cool thanks alot stewie for your help. I'll keep digging and see what else I can find. Thanks!
  3. Hey Stewie ya those are the tuners that I normally see on these guitars. But i was looking at the indentations on the back of the headstock where the old tuners were and they look alot different. The indents look more like they would fit this kind of tuner (pictured below). Heres a couple of pictures hopefully the qaulity is good ennough to see what I'm talking about. Thanks again for all your help!
  4. Hey Stewie that would be awesome if you could post a pick of the tuners. It would be much appreciated. Ya Gibson made the sg specials in the cherry red and polaris white and when I called gibson they did inform me that they did special orders with other finishes as well. Thanks again for your help!!
  5. I don't have the original vibrola trem and am currently in the process of finding a replacement. I just took the guitar to my local guitar specialist and he was able to tell me that the finish is in fact original. He wasn't sure about the knobs which he said look to be from the early 70's. Thanks for all the info! Hey stewie did you know if these guitars came with closed back or open back tuners? I've seen 1968 specials with both open and closed backs.
  6. The Nt-1a is a great sounding mic and I think they are selling now new with a bundle for $229. Great and affordable.
  7. Hi there, I just recently bought a 68 SG special from a close friend and I was wondering if anyone could help shed some light on a couple of questions I had. First, the tuners that are currently on the guitar are a set of old grovers. I love the tuners but I wanted to find a set of oringals to have if I ever wnated to return it to it's original state. I have seen some 68 specials with the 3x3 open geared klusons and I've also seen some with the closed back klusons and I dont know which ones are correct. I also need to track down a vibrola tailpiece probably from ebay. My main question though was about the finish of the guitar. I've only ever seen SG specials from this era with the red or polaris white finish. My guitar has a black finish. I blacklighted the entire guitar and the finish seems to be original with natural worming and some checking. I also opened up the back and looked under the pickups and it all seems to be the original finish. Did Gibson do custom finishes every once in a while on these guitars? I've attached a couple of pics i took with my phone. Any help would be awesome. Thanks
  8. If you are looking to record your material and get it onto the web quick and easy I would recommend getting a DAW (digital audio workstation) such as protools, Logic, Nuendo, etc. Hardware multitrack recorders work great but the editing and mixing functions are a bit limited and getting it from the machine onto your computer requires a couple more unnecessary steps. If you have a computer you can spend a couple hundred dollars and get a nice little protools rig and begin recording immediately. With these programs you can export your song as an mp3 and with the click of a mouse and it's on the internet. For recording vocals I'd recommend the mxl 990/991 package for a start. I think you can pick them up used for about $50 and new for $100. They sound great for the price. Always remember to read the manuals and if you ever have any questions... youtube has the answer!!! Good luck!!
  9. +1 on apogee as well. I have the duet also with logic studio with my macbook pro. Sounds great and easy to use. The new Mbox 3 family just came out from avid and they look pretty cool. I think the easiest, cheapest, and best way to go is with a DAW. I dont see the point of using standalone digital recorders anymore because computers are becoming so powerful as well as affordable and they can now handle the workloads way more efficiently. Take 3 days on Pro Tools or Logic or any other DAW for that matter, and you will see just how easy they are to use.
  10. I think having a nice flat set of headphones is great for checking where your mix is at but I wouldn't advise doing an entire mix with just headphones. It's also important to check your mix on multiple speaker and headphone setups because at the end of the day, a good mix will translate better on multiple systems. Another thing to think about to is how well your room sounds to begin with. If you have a pair of $10k monitors but the room isn't designed or treated correctly, you will still have a hard time creating a well balanced mix. I would first spend some time and money getting the room as best treated as I can before I go out and spend the cash on monitors. But it's all personal preference. To each his own. Just something to think about
  11. I would go from my guitar into a d.i. box, out the d.i. into my amp and mic that, and out from the d.i into my interface as well to record a clean signal that you can have for adding a amp modeling plug-in or for re-amping later on if you wanted to change the way your amp sounded
  12. just to add some more stuff about recording in general, a cool trick that i like doing on certain projects is to use a pair of condensors like those 414's as room mic's along with close miking the cabinet and when you start mixing, squash the heck out of the signals of the room mics with a limiter and bring up the makeup gain, then bring up the faders on those 2 tracks until it sounds good. Ive found that by doing this you bring up alot of the rooms reverb without having to add reverb. This also works well with drums to bring out more of the rooms tone. Its kinda cool sometimes
  13. I also use a Rode NT-1A and I have a presonus Tubepre which actually sounds really nice with that mic. That pre has two knobs, drive and gain. The drive knob lets you adjust the "tube warmth" of the signal and the gain knob is the actualky volume. It sounds great on vocals and acoustic guitars and you cant beat the price
  14. Ive got two seperate recording rigs for different things. 1st one, macbook pro, seagate 1tb external hd, logic 8 studio, reason 4, refills, various midi controllers, apogee duet, presonus tubepre, m audio bx 5a's and bx10 sub, guitar rig 3, rodes nt1a, and mxl 990-991. This rig works well for me for producing tracks, vocals, guitars & persucssion. 2nd rig, Mac g5, PT 8, Digi 002, Digimax mic pres, & waves bundles. I like this rig for tracking live bands and mixing because of the more flexible I/O. I usually will produce my tracks in Logic on my macbook rig and then bounce everything into PT for mixing. I dont really like Logic's editing functions but I cant complain with the extra sounds and samples that come with it. Reason is also a great tool for getting ideas down without spending a bunch of time clicking around.
  15. Hey ya'll, i actually work at two pawn shops out here in Orange County. We do come across some really cool things and you would be surprised at how often someone will let there grandpa's old guitar fall out of pawn because htey dont really care about it. The problem with scoring a good deal at pawnshops now adays is the fact that we all have ebay and price guides and dealers that have alot of knowledge. Not all shops are knowledgeable so i say ALWAYS check out your local pawnshop. I scored a Gibson Bernard Allison cs-336 that was a 1 off custom made for him and picked it up for about $1400 from a shop in Minnesota. So ALWAYs check em out
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