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  1. Thanks for the info CWNESS!
  2. Thanks Neo! not familiar with 57 Classic/Burtsbucker Pro/PAF , you have those on you SG? what type of sound do you prefer? I like Iommi, Led Zeppelin, BadCo, and AC/DC ( SOUND )
  3. Here's the pickups Installed on the bridge of my SG Standard. I will post picks of both guitars when I get home today. http://www.guitarcenter.com/Seymour-Duncan-SH-4-JB-Humbucker-Pickup-300035-i1127367.gc?mode=1&qso=2
  4. Here's to any one who has experience with SD pick ups. I have two SGs. one has Seymour duncans installed, the other has the factory humbuckers that all SG Standards come with. I prefer the sound of the Humbuckers that come factory installed, they have more crunch amd have a silky smoth distortion. The Seymour Duncans are a bit shrill, and they are thinner sounding, also the output is noticeable lower. I'm not sure what type of Seymour Duncans they are but they are black with Seymour Duncan name written in white on them. I am wondering if maybe it' a wiring issue, I've had no experience with SD pickups before, and I ws told they're suppesed to sound better than Gibson stock. I've been a big SG fan since my first 1973 Standard. My first guitar was a 1971 Gibson Melody Maker (Brown) I like the Balck Sabbath (Toni Iommi) sound and I find that Seymour Duncan just doesn't cut it. Any one who has experience with SD pups, please give feedback. Thank you!
  5. Hey thanks to all your replies regarding different weights. You guys make perfect sense and I'm feeling better about my eBay SG now. The only thing is I don't like is the sound of the Seymour Duncans, They just don't have the same crunch, and the sound is much thinner. Sorry to change the subjet, maybe I should start a new post... and I will.
  6. Can one SG vary in weight from another? Here's my problem. I bouth a 2006 Gibson SG Standard Cherry Red on eBay. Then bought the same model SG Standard Cherry red (but 2009) at Guitar Center. The 2009 model weighs almost a pound more. The guy on eBay said he only changed to Seymour Duncan pups, and as to the his guitar being lighter (he just said "Gibson made it that way") I thought that Gibson had a standard for each guitar made and the weight could not vary from one guitar of same model to another. but I'm thinking he either hollowed out part of that guitar, or it's a fake. Any body have knowhow on this? Thanks!
  7. I'm agreeing with the comments made by NEO. I did not use their credit plans. I paid in full with my credit card, one shot payment. I think I could've gotten the same guitar, but untouched , just outta the box for 1100.00 out the door. They really didn't discount anything, they just sold me a messed up guitar. It sounds good though and has good intonation, but the two tone color is kinda weird, and also, they didn't give me an owner's manual or the warranty papers. I think I'll have to go back and return it, and bargain for a new in box model, or have them go down a bit more on the price.
  8. I just bought,TODAY at Guitar Center, an SG Standard Heritage Red (showroom model) 2 small dings and the wood shows two tones of red, so that half the guitar is darker tha the other. Paid $1100.00 out the door (w/hard shell case) I'm wondering, did I get a good deal?
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