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  1. Thanks a lot guys for helping. I think its the Les Paul Special Faded. Spent a long time reading in various sites. It looks like a good guitar. What are you thoughts about this? Will this be a good guitar? I will be getting it for 40,000 Indian Rupees (maybe a little less after negotiation). Just for comparision, a brand new Fender Mexican strat costs 42,000 INR and the PRS SE Single Cut is 41,500 INR. I've been playing a fender mexican strat for last 8 years and really wanted to buy a Gibson. But they are not that easily available in India and the ones that are available are way beyond my budget.
  2. Hi I am going to buy a second hand Gibson Les Paul very soon. Could you please help me in identifying the model. I have searched a lot but didnt find this exact model. The owner send me the pics but didnt mention the model. I will go to test the guitar in about 2 days and wanted to do some research before testing it. Picture http://i40.tinypic.com/fz2l1l.jpg Thanks.
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