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  1. I found this pickup on a shelf if the old garage. What kind of pickup is this? I don't recognize it. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Excellente! Thanks for the feedback. I'm gonna go with TKL.
  3. The case for my old 74 SG is falling apart and smells like butt, so I needs to gets me a new case. Both the Gator GW-SGS Traditional Wood Case and the TKL 7826 SG Style Electric Guitar Case have good reviews. What I'm looking for most of all though is a case that has good neck support, as SGs are a bit notorious for broken necks. Any suggestions? Much appreciated.
  4. You should smash it. That will take care of all your problems
  5. Too bad. You can download the entire concert on btjunkie.com. It may upset you to know this, but they let people in for free about halfway through the show. lol
  6. Good to know I'm not the only one who has had problems. Oh well. It will get here eventually..... At least Sweetwater has excellent customer service. They seem to be on top of things.
  7. Hey you're from Eugene! Did you catch Bonamassa at the McDonald Theater?
  8. Good job man. I was thinking about competing, but I live over three hours from the closest Guitar Center. And I don't really like the idea playing guitar competitively.
  9. Gibson, Gibson, Gibson..... Get your **** together! I ordered a new switchwasher and some top hat knobs over a month ago and Sweetwater estimates that they won't have them in stock until the end of THIS month. Why?!?!?!:-
  10. Then there was that stunt with Britney Spears. (shivers, suddenly feels cold and has goosebumps)
  11. I will acknowledge Madonna for being a pop icon, and for writing catchy songs, (and at one time but definitely not anymore) being a sex symbol.
  12. I mean, I could rub my nutsack across the strings of my guitar and it would sound better than Madonna's guitar playing AND voice.
  13. "The Ballad Of John Henry" - Joe Bonamassa
  14. Awesome man. Yeah I've always been impressed with the quality, the looks, and the sound of the guitar. So has everybody else who's seen and heard it. ESPECIALLY for the price.
  15. My first guitar that I bought was an Ibanez AR300. I love it, and to be honest, it sounds a lot like my Les Paul Custom. Has anybody else owned/played one?
  16. Who cares what Jeff Beck says. It's all up to you and what you feel best with. I like to alternate between my Les Paul and my Strat. Depends on what kind of music I'm playing.
  17. Rory, Greeny, Slowhand, Bloomfield.... All AMAZING players with different tone and style.
  18. Both of these guys are in my top ten favorite players of all time, both great players, etc. In my opinion both are under rated. Who do you enjoy listening to more?
  19. How do you clean the pickup selector? And which wire is the ground? Thanks a lot for the help!
  20. I've potted both pickups already. Still screeches. Maybe not as much screeching as it was, I can't really tell. I need more time to mess around with it, which I don't have very often because people always ***** about the noise. And I will probably have to buy a new toggle switch, preferably Switchcraft. I just wanted a little input from people who know more about Les Pauls than me. I've always played a Strat.
  21. It's a 1989, and no it's not fake. I've had it for a few weeks, bought it off a friend. The problems are not that bad, they just annoy me.
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