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  1. Huh, that picture of your new Epiphone looks a lot like the photo I have in that other thread: Which came from this website: https://www.themusiczoo.com/products/epiphone-wilshire-p-90-cherry?variant=32733810819151 You bought the Music Zoo Wilshire?
  2. OK, I found it again: I think this will work for the bridge? https://www.philadelphialuthiertools.com/bridge-and-tailpieces/abr-1-bridges/abr-1-parts/import-conversion-posts-install-abr-1-on-epiphone-other-import-guitars-nickel/ I presume that the Epi posts are an M8x1.25 thread?
  3. Hi all, I asked in another thread but saw this thread here where it may be appropo to ask: does anyone know if these new Epis have scarf joints? I tried to look at some photos and it's a little difficult to see and maybe I'm fantasizing but... I can't see any?!? https://i.imgur.com/uv05VvU.png https://i.imgur.com/OkGXmjs.png
  4. Hi all, Looking to acquire the new Epiphone Wilshire. I basically am interested in modding it to use Gibson parts wherever possible and short of major surgery. I am hoping for "plug and play" and am mainly concerned about sizing of the various parts and what is available from third-party vendors. Just wanted to preface by saying I've never had a post-1970 Epiphone before and I've been trying to do research on these Asian Epiphones but different recent eras have different details about them and it gets difficult to keep everything straight. So I appreciate your time and knowledge. I want to have an ABR like an original Wilshire would have had and yes I know that the ABR post would go straight into the wood. I thought I saw a conversion post that will screw into the metric bushing and provide the skinny ABR post? I can't seem to find the vendor that provided this, anyone know? Also want to confirm the holes are distanced the same as a Gibson ABR bridge? Furthermore, I would suspect the tailpiece is going to have a similar issue where Gibson studs will not retrofit but that someone makes a conversion stud OR a bushing to fit, where I can then fit the Gibson stop and studs. I can't seem to find anyone that has such for sale? Also want to confirm the distance between the studs/bushings would be different than that of the Gibson? https://i.imgur.com/MgGMTS2.png Again, I'd rather not drill/dowel the guitar to get Gibson parts to fit. Hoping there's a third-party making stuff to retrofit these Gibson components. Finally, I have been looking online at the pics of the new Wilshire and was wondering if there was any scarf joints on these? I heard a rumor that the Chinese factory would do away with them if they can get the tooling to do the neck all "in one pass" but not sure if its true. The pictures I have seen make it a little difficult to see (and I know that some models indeed had a different type of scarf than the more obvious ones of the past) but I can't really see it?!? Maybe it's just wishful thinking? What say you? https://i.imgur.com/uv05VvU.png https://i.imgur.com/OkGXmjs.png Cheers!
  5. Ya! Just like Lennon's first 325 (second one made out of a total batch of less than, what, 30?) without the f hole...
  6. OK, I did some research and the evidence is pretty clear. Gibson shipping records for June 1962 J160E's: George and John received 73157 and 73161. As typical with Gibson and other manufacturers, Gibson made guitars in batches. They had a whole batch of J160E's made, at least 10 that shipped 6/27/62 with one shipping 7/20/62. So, I was interested to see if others in that batch that had the one-screw truss rod cover. Sure enough, I found at least one from that batch with photos that are clear enough to show the one-screw truss rod cover, serial 73153: headstock front: headstock back: serial detail: Still is a little screwy (sorry) to me that they would use only one screw on the TRC. Live and learn! Cheers!
  7. Hi, I have always wondered why the truss rod cover on the 2017 run of the 1962 J160E has only one top screw securing the truss rod cover. Anyone know? Was Lennon's/Harrison's like this? I never noticed this on any (vintage) Gibson, ever. Was it an error of the particular run? If I were to put on a two-screw truss rod cover, would it have wood there for the lower screw to bite into?
  8. Four sunburst, three natural: https://i.imgur.com/n4fWx5h.jpg
  9. I agree with bobouz. BTW, here's the link using the wayback machine: http://web.archive.org/web/20171225181207/https://www.epiphone.com/News/Features/2017/The-Long-and-Loud-History-of-the-Epiphone-Casino.aspx I don't see any evidence within that link of the Casino being designed pre-acquisition.
  10. The US made Casinos will be good. Teradas are good too.
  11. Source of info on this? His original '61 "Cavern" bass was a factory lefty AFAIK, and not a converted RH.
  12. Well, they're not made in the custom shop but on the regular production line. But they will be fine, I'm sure.
  13. Also to be clear, when I replied that John's Casino was "never refinished after he stripped it" in response to your original comment you said about John painted it psychedelic after he sanded it, what I meant was that he never refinished it in a non-clear coat post the stripping. IOW, the events went like this: original sunburst finish->"psychedelic" spray paint on rear with paint runs on interior cutaway rims->stripped finish.
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