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  1. Yup, you can tell right away in that photo which one the TKL is and the ones that are Chinese...
  2. See, that's funny. I suspected it was going to be a Chinese case (don't get me wrong, hate that too, but a little more easily correctable). I would have been fine if everything else was "vintage spec" (see my post above) and the case was the only "problem". I see the Grover bushing "washers"... yup, as I suspected. Bummer!☚ī¸
  3. That serial is from the pic off the Sweetwater site. It looks like "20641xxxx" or "20691xxxx". The current Gibson serial format as I understand it is: DdddYxxxx. The "D" is the decade ("2"), the "Y" is the year within the decade ("1"). So, "21" as in 2021. The "ddd" is the day of the year. "064" or "069" is March 5 or March 10, respectively.
  4. Um, that's not a "possibly", that's a "yes". My image is just stored on Imgur; the source image is from the Epi site. FWIW, Lucky was asking about the serial of the new 2021 production Casino, which I shared the link to above.
  5. Lucky, as I stated in my original post: "I think it's something on order of "20641xxxx" or "20691xxxx" indicating a March 5, 2021 or March 10, 2021 build (i.e., current production)." 2021 US-made Casino serial
  6. Sorry to disagree with you... Not sure if you're aware of it, but those pics you are posting of the Epiphone website are of what I am calling the "prototype", serial 135090174. 12/16/19 build. 2019 U.S. Casino "prototype" serial I call it the "prototype" based on the new Sweetwater listing for the Casino serial 20641xxxx" or "20691xxxx. Like I mentioned earlier, clearly this is a more recent 2021 build, March 5 or March 10 of 2021, to be exact. If this were the same time as last year, I would have more hope that what's being shown on the Gibson site would be what the produc
  7. Yes, they do. However, I believe this photo (like the other photos on the Epiphone site this photo is from) is of the prototype, serial 135090174, and I suspect will NOT represent what we'll find on the production ones. Hope I'm wrong...
  8. Hi all, Well, I had my heart set on a nice US-made Casino until I did some research on it. I mean, I was already getting used to the '57-'63 Epi headstock and the Mickey Mouse pre-'63 horns but yeah I was making some compromises (yes, it's not claimed to be a vintage reissue and most of us want the larger headstock and post-'63 pointier horns, etc.). You'd think they would get it "right" but I guess I'm dreaming... A couple of things are bumming me out with this new Casino (enlarge the pics to see the detail I am talking about): 1. The strap buttons on the assumed-2021 prod
  9. Huh. I guess you're right. Had to put on the ol' specs so I could see up close... Wonder why they are doing that? I mean, they're "binding" it with wood, but... the originals never had ANY neck binding. Plus, it's more work than just simply installing frets, which I suppose means more expense?
  10. Another thing I noticed: no visible fret ends. They are apparently undercutting the fret tang upon install. Although not like the originals, I kinda like it! Check out the upper left corner on this vintage original (Crestwood, but you get the idea):
  11. Sorry, that is NOT a 1960 Gibson-made Epiphone. Gibson-made Epiphones were NOT using labels like that in 1960. The label would have been blue, as the labels on much of the Gibson-made Epiphones in the 1960s were. Here's a 1961 Casino: https://reverb.com/item/36496975-epiphone-casino-single-pickup-e-230t-sunburst-1961 Hard to see, but this is the label it should have if it were truly a 1960: https://i.imgur.com/8wCP9xT.png Enjoy it nonetheless.
  12. Actually, I just got the Wilshire today: no scarf! 😁 (at least, I can't see a scarf)
  13. Huh, that picture of your new Epiphone looks a lot like the photo I have in that other thread: Which came from this website: https://www.themusiczoo.com/products/epiphone-wilshire-p-90-cherry?variant=32733810819151 You bought the Music Zoo Wilshire?
  14. OK, I found it again: I think this will work for the bridge? https://www.philadelphialuthiertools.com/bridge-and-tailpieces/abr-1-bridges/abr-1-parts/import-conversion-posts-install-abr-1-on-epiphone-other-import-guitars-nickel/ I presume that the Epi posts are an M8x1.25 thread?
  15. Hi all, I asked in another thread but saw this thread here where it may be appropo to ask: does anyone know if these new Epis have scarf joints? I tried to look at some photos and it's a little difficult to see and maybe I'm fantasizing but... I can't see any?!? https://i.imgur.com/uv05VvU.png https://i.imgur.com/OkGXmjs.png
  16. Hi all, Looking to acquire the new Epiphone Wilshire. I basically am interested in modding it to use Gibson parts wherever possible and short of major surgery. I am hoping for "plug and play" and am mainly concerned about sizing of the various parts and what is available from third-party vendors. Just wanted to preface by saying I've never had a post-1970 Epiphone before and I've been trying to do research on these Asian Epiphones but different recent eras have different details about them and it gets difficult to keep everything straight. So I appreciate your time and knowledge
  17. Ya! Just like Lennon's first 325 (second one made out of a total batch of less than, what, 30?) without the f hole...
  18. OK, I did some research and the evidence is pretty clear. Gibson shipping records for June 1962 J160E's: George and John received 73157 and 73161. As typical with Gibson and other manufacturers, Gibson made guitars in batches. They had a whole batch of J160E's made, at least 10 that shipped 6/27/62 with one shipping 7/20/62. So, I was interested to see if others in that batch that had the one-screw truss rod cover. Sure enough, I found at least one from that batch with photos that are clear enough to show the one-screw truss rod cover, serial 73153: headstoc
  19. Hi, I have always wondered why the truss rod cover on the 2017 run of the 1962 J160E has only one top screw securing the truss rod cover. Anyone know? Was Lennon's/Harrison's like this? I never noticed this on any (vintage) Gibson, ever. Was it an error of the particular run? If I were to put on a two-screw truss rod cover, would it have wood there for the lower screw to bite into?
  20. Four sunburst, three natural: https://i.imgur.com/n4fWx5h.jpg
  21. I agree with bobouz. BTW, here's the link using the wayback machine: http://web.archive.org/web/20171225181207/https://www.epiphone.com/News/Features/2017/The-Long-and-Loud-History-of-the-Epiphone-Casino.aspx I don't see any evidence within that link of the Casino being designed pre-acquisition.
  22. The US made Casinos will be good. Teradas are good too.
  23. Source of info on this? His original '61 "Cavern" bass was a factory lefty AFAIK, and not a converted RH.
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