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  1. I preordered this as soon as I heard about it. I love my 2004 custom, I love my VOS and Standard, and I've been waiting for a goldtop ever since they said they were making several different limited Slash sigs. This is a must get for me.
  2. I have a VOS coming in on Thursday, so I'll *** pics of that once it arrives. As for now, I have pics of my USA with a comparison to my original Custom Slash. So far I have some very good first impressions. The guitar is heavier than the recent USAs I've owned. It has the weight of the Slash custom in the pics, but I haven't weighed either one. Both weigh less than my LPCs. As for the feel and playability, it has a USA feel, which feels different from the CS guitars in a way I can't describe. However it plays real well. Unplugged, it resonates a lot nicer than many of the LP Standards I've played recently. It sounds a little brighter than reissues and the Slash Custom, however I kinda dig the tone. It is NOT as bright as the recent LP Standards I've played and it still feels very meaty. If I didn't have the other guitar for comparison, I probably wouldn't know the difference. There are ZERO flaws on the guitar. Everything looks very neat and well detailed. I like the color of mine a lot. It appears to be a bit darker/more ambery than some we've seen online so far. It almost matches the Custom one. The case is also very impressive. I actually prefer it to the custom cases. My only gripe right now is that Gibson said they were coming with COAs. Mine did not have one. To be honest though, I'm so happy with this guitar, I wouldn't want to switch it for one with a COA in fear of getting one I didn't like, and I might just try to get one through Gibson if I find out they are supposed to have them.
  3. I had mine signed by Slash in person at a meet and greet in the summer. I think the lighting and camera flash made it look lighter, but mine still looks light in person. I would like to see other pictures of backs that are lighter, though. As for you knob, I bet it was put there by accident. Pull it up a bit.
  4. Heres one of the new ones: SLASH 1 LES PAUL STANDARD AGED & SIGNED One of the most respected and iconic guitar players of all time, Slash has symbolized the power of rock & roll ever since blasting out of the mid-1980s LA club scene with Guns 'n' Roses. Armed with a Gibson Les Paul Standard, Slash revitalized the electric guitar with some of the most incendiary and melodic playing of all time, and became the new definition of a guitar hero. The new Gibson Custom Shop Inspired By Slash Les Paul Standard is a recreation of his 1 Les Paul Standard guitar played during his rise to superstardom, down to the authentic cigarette burn mark on the body, every detailed feature has been faithfully reproduced.
  5. Good, I think we've solved the problem. In the manuel, it says to use the shortest cable you own.
  6. I read that book and missed that part... Do you have the page number? I guess he's only playing them on stage every night so he has something to complain about? That's the only logical explanation.
  7. Anyone have pics/info? ------------ According to The Hollywood Reporter, Gibson will release eight new Slash-branded guitars. The campaign is so important to Henry Juszkiewicz, chairman and CEO of Gibson Guitars, that he is taking the company's exciting Slash guitars off the market to create even more hype around the new ones. Why eight? "Price points," Juszkiewicz says. "They're going to go from cheap to high-end custom, personally signed by Slash." The Slash series will appear in stores March 15, and the guitarist and Juszkiewicz already are plotting a big stunt around the street date.
  8. Check it out! I also have a robot.
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