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  1. Two Fender guitar amps that are hard to beat, the Twin Reverb, and the Super Reverb.
  2. Thanks, I'll get some pics up. Real nice grain in the body. Rick located the bass, and set up the store to store transfer. Ben finished it for me when Rick was out. Those guys really do a great job. The bass looks like it was stored away in the case, not hanging on the wall at the Cincinnati, OH store.
  3. Thanks for the photo posting info. The Gibson site is a good one.
  4. No way. A little overboard on the trays.
  5. Thanks Murph; After 41 yrs. i'm back to Gibson from Fenders. The SG Std. has so much bottom to it, and a rich sound. The pups on here are great. I used a lot of 15's cause I could never find 12" bass cabs. Tried the MBC410 cab with the MB450H head. That was enough for me to go with the Marshall. I honestly couldn't afford the cost of the limited heads and cabs of the Fender Pro Amp line anymore. Bassman amps are pretty much gone. Not counting the Bassman TV line.
  6. Recently changed over form Ampeg To Marshall. I'm glad i did. The SG Std. Bass sounds great through it.
  7. I use an extra bedroom converted into a computer room / den. Somewhat on the small side.
  8. Go with the SSS Strat. It's what a Strat. is all about.
  9. My SG Std. Heritage Cherry Bass came in from Sam Ash Cincinnati, OH. Now I can sleep. That was faster than waiting until June to get one from Gibson. The local guys at Sam Ash Margate, FL did a good one for me. The serial number shows it was made one day before my Birthday. Kinda cool.
  10. Not exactly a Vox Super Beatle, is it.
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