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  1. How is the tone of Dirty Finger humbuckers? I'm thinking of replacing my Burstbucker 3s in a BFG, and was thinking of Dirty Fingers. What do you think?
  2. android13

    BFG Pics!

    I am in want of seeing some of your BFG pics. May I see them? Also, as an added thought: anybody mod them yet?
  3. Isn't the difference between the custom, standard, and studio simply the coloring and binding?
  4. Ah, just got a Gibson today, I'll just use it on that.
  5. Today, ended up getting the last Gibson BFG at the store! yay!
  6. I am trying to fit these Gibson speed knobs on my Epiphone, but it's hard to put them on. Any suggestions?
  7. haha These stories are pretty interesting. Also, I should ask, aside from guitar and amp, what kind of pedals/effects do you guys use?
  8. Which guitar do you use for the jazz band? I'm guessing your modded squire strat?
  9. Awesome. I gotta convince my parents to sell one of my cellos for a Gibson Doublecut LP or an Elitist…
  10. I must say, the P-90s are pretty awesome.
  11. Sadly, for good or for bad, my cheapest electric is about $300. I could get an LP Special, but… don't think it's a good idea.
  12. So they contradict each others' tone?
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