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  1. I have to go along with Tom & Rich. The HG-00's are fantastic. I have only played two. I bought one on eBay and returned it because of some "undisclosed buggering", but it sounded great. The big reason I sold it was that I was in Elderly and they had an unconverted one sitting on the floor for over 2 years. It was in spectacular shape and only a few hundred dollars more than I paid for the "over-buggered" one. So I haggled a bit with them, bought it and returned the eBay sale. HG-00 The asking price is still there, but I got it for less. Even at the price they asked, it was
  2. I learmed by playing along with songs while driving or sitting at home. Then got a rack and played along with my guitar and eventually with friends while jamming. Its a hoot! And not too hard- especially the way I play- chords, a few notes& fills. What really helped was buying a Hohner set of 7 harps in a nice little box for 20 bucks. Plastic bodies with brass reeds. Still have 'em after 8 yrs. I did give my Bb to my grand daughter to torment her parents (pay back ) the set is now on sale at musiciansfriend for $28 well worth itif you're learning. Just find the right one
  3. I think you should be able to pick an alternate year in that case! I have a D-28 and a Southern Jumbo from 1950. Both in the shop, getting straightened out.... something I need, too. willy
  4. If you like Guy and have not checked out "This One's For HIm", do yourself a foavor and go directly to AMazon and buy it. 30 of his songs covered by a tremendous cast of admiring superfans. Ramblin' Jack Elliott does "The Guitar" and you can hear Verlon's guitar backing. Here's the group photo at the recording sessions- Here's the list of songs & players. At 2 songs-fer-a-dollar, worth every nickel! Volume 1 1. That Old Time Feeling – Rodney Crowell 2. Anyhow I Love You – Lyle Lovett 3. All He Wants Is You – Shawn Colvin 4. Homeless – Shawn Camp 5.
  5. Nice! Have ot agree that Blood on the Tracks is a great album. It's a toss-up between it and Nashville Skyline as favorites from his Bobness. Really like the picking and your rendition is great listening! thanks for sharing! willy
  6. Indulging you? I'm eatin' it up! Great job on a super song. Y'know Prine wrote a lot of super songs, I'll bet you could find another one to indulge us with ;) . willy
  7. Elderly is a great place to consign IMHO. I have sold a fewe through them. The fee is 15% if over &1K. I think it's 20% under a grand. The way it's played out for me, is, they ask more than I do- covers some of the 15%. They sell world-wide. And, you never have to meet the buyer and go through the haggle. I've had great luck with 'em. The BIG plus is- when they're looking over your guitar, you can go upstairs and play a slew of outstanding guitars Willy
  8. I know what the "Slope Fever" is all about. The other day I was starring at the shopping cart at Lowes because it's front end was shaped like a Gibson slope. I see it everywhere To lower the fever, I prescribed this to me. A dose of vitamin SJ Arrived 2 weeks ago and the fever has subsided. '43 Banner and I'm lovin' it! willy
  9. Route 66 Guitars Paul, The first link was from Sam Ash. Wouldn't work for me either. If you google "Sam ash Gibson maui wowie" it shows up. But the route 66 link has more pics, maybe it will work. Willy
  10. My link Paul, that's a link to a used "Maui Wowie" custom K2 J-45. They built 'em in 2006. It's sold for $1999. The one I played in Chicago Music Exchange about 4 years ago was less than that if I remember correctly. Sounded very good, much like Hogeye's post. Very "warm" from what I remember. willy
  11. Hey Paul, Nice looking wood you posted. I'd have to go with the idea of quartered backs, but would probably have no distinct difference in sound that my tin ear could pick up. I have played guitars with that wood and they were excellent- but they were dreads. What size are you building? I'd explore Koa, Bubinga, SE Asia Rosewood (I think that's the name- at LMII), and some of the "other" rosewoods, I.e. Honduran. Cocobolo is in there, too but can raise health issues- there are builders who just don't use it. I played a J-45 with Bubinga B&S a while back and it was a gre
  12. "What do you think it's worth/" Kind of a tough call. New Hope Trader has one like it for $1800. Book says $1400- !700. I'd say they are undervalued for a few reasons. It's early in the L-50's life and because it was a transition piece, it's pretty rare. This small-body did morph into the L-37 (without the pearl and maple) so even though it did live on, it wasn't the same. Secondly, they are great guitars. I have a few arch tops and none sound like this one, Even fingerpicks well. Thirdly, I rubbed the heck out of it to clean it up and brought it back to playability : ) that
  13. Very sad news. What a GIANT talent while remaining a humble servant of music. Very few have put their stamp on music as did Mr. Scruggs. RIP Earle Scruggs, and thanks. Best to his family & friends. Willy
  14. Blusuedeshu, In Joe Spann's book, there is (are) two guitars with your FON from 1941. Leave it to Gibson to give the same number to two guitars in the same year. One is an L-50 (yours?), the other is an E'S-150. FON's seemed to be in that range before the on set of the L-50, and then in the 40's. I am no expert, only going by Joe's book. The book, along with Paul Fox's book is a must for us vintage Gibson-Geeks If you dont have 'em yet, check amazon for "Spann's Guide to Gibson 1902-41" and Paul's "The OtherBrands of Gibson" bargain-priced and full of hours of enjoyment ....
  15. Blsuedeshu- my SN is visible through the treble f-hole. Stamped on the back near end of the X-brace. "1201" was stamped, then number 8 in red ink, handwritten. A jay, I think these shine in every style from Maybelle to Jazz. Just takes some gettin use To. Will
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