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  1. Been lookin for a new fuzz, it's come down between these two. My fear is that they won't react with humbuckers and everything will be too muddy. Also, I want the one with a greater range of fuzz sounds and I want to know which performs better in live use. So, tell me what ya think of both, gimme the pros and cons of each.
  2. Hey, I've heard of this amp for quite some time, never seen it in a shop around me. Does anyone have any experience with this amp? I'm pretty curious on how it functions and sounds. It seems pretty decent for the price, but without hearing it I can't really be sure. So, Epiphone Blues Custom, any thoughts?
  3. I'm don't know too much about soundproofing, so as to the cost and materials don't ask me. But sound proofing will stop unwanted noise's from entering the room and also the sound you make, so you can really crank up your tubes to get that good sound without disturbing others. Also, I believe there are sound absorbing materials which will stop you sound from bouncing around and creating echo's and dead spots. Also, get a fairly good amount of quality microphones, and use them all while recording, have them in different spots and play around with the mixer. My rhythm guitarist in my band just got a pretty nice 2 room apartment, he's got this closet that's pretty damn big (I'd say about 10x10). I keep telling him to take his girlfriends **** out of there, soundproof it, and turn it into a recording room, but he wont. I think he's whipped. Oh, and also. After you get the room you want, have other people you know help with the cost of all the equipment and such. Building a quality recording room requires quite alot of money, see if you can have people leave their **** at your house in exchange for recording time. This band I know built a pretty nice recording room in their house, they actually started a little business to help them pay for all the equipment over time
  4. I would get the Gibson Les Paul Standard in Peacock Blue.. A cherry SG... Pick up some classical guitars. And spend the rest on recording gear.
  5. For the Sunface, which transistor should I get? Is the UK Texas Instrument the white dot Ge? Or should I just get the standard Ge transistor or High Gain NKT? The Dunlop Dallas Arbiter, I heard from a few people that it preformed poorly in live performances, can anyone confirm or void that statement? I'm afraid that if I get one of the higher gain fuzz tones it will skimp out on the non-metal tones, or be way to noisy and muddy for my tastes. So many damn choices!!
  6. Some AC/DC remix over here: I like guitars I like guitars Les Paul Guitars and SG Guitars And he likes Guitars And she likes Guitars But we have the best, Guitars of them all!
  7. Recently I have come to realize that my favorite guitar tones are often accompanied by a fuzz tone as opposed to an overdrive. I own several overdrive pedals, but no fuzz. The only fuzz that I have ever used was my friend's fuzz factory that either didn't like my guitar, or didn't like my amp because all it did was squeal like a dying pig. With that being said, I am looking for my first fuzz pedal and was wondering which fuzz tones would be a good choice, there are so many options out there, and alot of them cannot be found in stores.. So far, the Analog Man Sunface looks rather appealing but I am unsure of which Germanium Transistor (I don't want Silicon) is best suited for me. I have seen the demo videos, but the thing is, every time I watch it on a different computer they sound different, because of different sound cards, speakers, and such. Also, I find the information on the page doesn't cover all the ordering options that are available. I play anything from Blues Rock, Blues Punk, Funk, to Alternative and Metal (Iron Maiden-ish, nothing to heavy.) [Pretty much in that order, not exactly]. And my primary guitars are both AII humbuckers (Which I hear is slightly harder to get a good fuzz with), I don't use the American Stratonaster too much (Thinkin' about selling it and finally getting a Gibby) Also, I hear that fuzz pedals are very picky with certain amps, mine are listed in my signature.
  8. I saw a Blue Epiphone LP in the store the other day, and I was amazed by the beauty. So, I traveled around the local shops and larger guitar shops to find a new Gibson Les Paul, but could find none. I looked around through all my connections to see if anyone had a blue Les Paul that they would sell, but could find none. Where can I find one? I was thinking about getting one through the custom shop, but found out that you need to place an order for 25 guitars in order to get what you want. I don't want 25 guitars, I want one.
  9. I was just wondering how everybody first came to start playing the guitar, or just music in general When I was a Junior in high school, my buddy was a drummer in a band. I was at his house when they were supposed to be practicing, but their bassist never showed up (It turns out he got arrested on the way there). So they tought me a few bass lines, and we jammed for a bit and I filled in on their next gig a few days later.. The next day, I went out and bought me a guitar. I started learning some songs, and never looked back after.
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