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  1. I just meant that it was PRIMARILY based on looks-but otherwise,yes i agree - music has always been marketed.
  2. Imho when Empty-V came on the scene, it changed music from being based on musical talent to being based on looks. After Empty-V you needed- looks, marketability, dancing & choreography, filmmaking ability - followed by musical talent. Growing up, when I heard a song on the radio, I imagined things in my head and was inspired to pick up an instrument and try to express myself. After video-when people hear a song on the radio, they replay the video in their heads. Rap is not my cup of tea, but I have to remind myself that my parents thought rock was justa bunch of noise and/or devil's music. I read something interesting from Paul Simon once and it stuck with me; he said something to the effect of young people have grown up WITHOUT melody-it is all rhythm..and all words... it seemed very interesting to me that you could be raised without melody-but if you listen to some of todays music--the melody is a pretty rare thing... I think that is why older people generally do not identify with rap, it isn't better or worse-Imo--it is just not based on melody like us older people grew up with. I was at a TAXI rally one time a few years back (when I thought I still wanted to play the game) and someone in the audience asked the esteemed panel; ``as a 30-40 something songwriter just trying to get my songs out, It is frustrating to think that,even though I may have fantastic songs, the only people getting a chance to go anywhere is hot 15 year old females. You as a record company executive, what would you do, go with my great songs or do only 15 year old hot girls have a chance?'' The record company guy answered; ``Well, I would probably get a hot 15 year old girl and have my writers write songs for her!'' (laughter on the panel and in the audience) To me it would have been mildly funny if it hadn't been so tragically true. I stopped trying to play the-trying to make it in music- game pretty much at that point. Fast forward to the Taylor Swifts and the Gaga's,etc...
  3. Thanks again fellow guitarists-ladies and genitals I have a bunch of songs we did on garageband...right here actually; http://www.myspace.com/brianandthemystics and I recently got me an apogee duet and pro logic 9 and I figured at least -to use my time wisely- I would clean up all the tracks and enhance whatever I could while at the same time --- learn HOW to use logic pro--AND hopefully learn how to transfer the garageband files into the logic pro to make it a complete album. Hopefully in 2 to 3 months I can start playing again and maybe finish all the guitar parts at that time... I have been placed on light duty at my job--with no use of the left hand. It is uncomfortable but bearable. The decision on the CJ was just based on a few other things and --it may not sell-as I see the reserve is still not met, but if it does I can use the cash now to get me through a rough patch and then hit some overtime when I am well and save up for another CJ or maybe even an SJ. Again, much gratitude for all your kind thoughts and keep on picking,strumming,etc.
  4. Thanks for the kind words... as far as selling, I also had some financial issues which kinda forced me to take action...and it is on ebay as we speak...I am kinda hoping that the reserve is not met...oh well...in a couple of months , maybe-if it sells I will be on the hunt for another CJ... thanks again, love the videos and the songs you have posted, Tino
  5. Hey fellow guitar players; I guess I had to tell someone... I suffered a work injury and my left pinky finger was pretty mangled and resulted in the last few weeks being a nightmare, especially when it comes to my guitar playing. I am not a young guy anymore and I am about 7 years from retirement, so I had hoped that my job would not ruin me permanently in any way-only so I could enjoy my retirement years in peace and playing my beloved guitars. Lately, ironically-when I think about it, I had been reaching some really magical moments in my guitar playing and I was constantly amazed at how IN LOVE -I had become with my instrument, the sounds,the smell, the tone, the mystical feelings I felt when something really beautiful would emanate from my hands,my heart, the guitar---everything. I am sure most of you can relate. Well, since my injury-the first thing that happened was that I was completely mis-diagnosed and hopefully I can still get back to where I was before the injury. The first doctor I went to was my regular doctor, a general practitioner, who basically put a splint on my finger and said come back in two weeks--it should be alright. Two-weeks later, it was worse. I was also taking the splint off for showering,for work, for sleep,etc.-and continued to work, because in my line of work---hey its just a pinky...just man up,already! (that was pretty much what I heard everyday) When I returned to the doctor, she sent me to a specialist but that specialist did not do workmans comp cases so I had to find another doctor. This doctor got me x-rayed, said I needed surgery and he would put a pin in my finger and basically scheduled me for surgery--but never advised me NOT to take the splint off--again-- and --again...I continued to work, because he said, ``you have already been going to work-so you might as well continue.'' On the day of surgery, I finally went with my gut feeling that something wasn't right and told him I needed a second opinion. The next doctor appeared to care, and examined my finger and within 5 minutes , she diagnosed me as having a mallett finger or baseball injury--is what I believe it is called. She said she would NOT recommend surgery and put me on very restricted light duty--NO USE of the left hand and immediately sent me to a physical therapist. She also explained that the MOST important thing-is that I CANNOT REMOVE THE SPLINT FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER FOR 8 WEEKS! All this time I had been damaging it further by using my finger--I had actually tried to keep playing guitar because I thought that I had to fight through the pain and I figured (wrongly) that , since no doctors had advised against it-it was perfectly okay. I also had been seriously having very depressing thoughts and feelings regarding my guitar playing-but no-one seemed to care---it is just a pinky,remember? So, I am now on my 2nd week (only) of the 24/7 splint and it is driving me crazy not to be able to pick up my Gibson CJ-165 (as a matter of fact-I placed it for sale due to the torture of seeing it unplayed) and I realized that for a damn pinky-this has really been an ordeal. Apologies for the very looong post but I guess what I really wanted to say -was please appreciate all your blessings and never take your talent or ability for granted. Thanks
  6. Sorry to hear about this...I concur with everyone regarding your ex's behavior... but I have a question? I may have misread your OP but did you say you fell in love with your best friend? Do you mean the ex used to be your best friend and you guys ended up together? Or did you fall in love with another man who is your best friend but is unaware that you are currently in love with? I am confused.
  7. Katy Perry Jessica Biel J-45 True Vintage
  8. Well, I just realized why mine sounds so good with the Tusq.... mine happens to be a Sunburst...
  9. I guess my Cj-165 is uncommon as I am very happy with the tone,volume and overall sound. When I had the guitar set-up, I asked my luthier about replacing the bridge pins which are also Tusq...and eventually the saddle and nut... and he said if it sounds good you may not want to change anything just yet---play it for a little while and see. Well, it has been a few months and I am still in love everytime I play it--which is daily. I guess curiosity might eventually get the better of me but for now I think she sounds beautiful -as is... Either I am in the minority and feel that the bone/ivory vs. tusq debate is overrated OR I am in for a really NICE surprise if and when I upgrade to nicer saddle/bridge pins/nut combo....
  10. Completely agree; I have ended up with guitars that were NOT the latest rage but they spoke to me and and I knew right away that it wanted to give me something-so to speak. I also had a hard time letting said guitar go until I started to get the feeling that ...maybe it had given ME all the songs it needed to and , just maybe, it was time to give songs to someone else for awhile. ...call me crazy...but I have kinda stuck to this belief and it has always inspired great songs and also has allowed me to be able to let some beloved guitars go-so they could be loved by someone else... Reading the Dylan article brings back great memories of driving top-down in my years I lived in California in the mid-nineties and the album/CD -Bringing Down the Horse was playing...some great lines/lyrics such as; ...cheap lovers make expensive wives... and ...but I see colors-and I hear voices-but I wish I felt nothing...then it might be easy for me-like it is for you... etc...
  11. I would go with an original---because if something goes wrong;like a missed chord or a flub--- no-one will really know...unless your originals are known. I would also try to remember to breathe---because it will seem like a blur---you will almost feel like it went by too fast. Just try to take in the moment---be there--have fun -- and most important of all... try to get inside the song and really perform it---like you really believe in it and you really feel the meaning of it---this usually translates to the audience pulling for you... good luck
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