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  1. One apology for the late reply......... as if anyone cared.
  2. Francine just turned 13, she's my indolent(not sure about that word) teenage queen, and I love her.....
  3. It was really worth it. My friend and his wife and sister in law had never seen them so it was a bucket list thing. Who knows how long they'll be playing. His sister in law kept saying He's got so much energy and look at his little butt! Keith was energetic too and had a very strong voice on Before they make me run. Ron looked great so his treatment must have been excellent.
  4. I meant in today's climate but I agree completely. Some girls is also potentially offensive.
  5. Exactly. Not much of an upside to doing it.
  6. Got a call yesterday from my wife's practice's accountant who said one of her clients has high end tickets to the Stones and if I waited until the last minute we could get them for a steep discount. Decided to brave the traffic and do it. They were great. Mick, Keith and Ron. Sound system in Sofi Stadium (5 billion dollar stadium) was unbelievable. 20 people in our private room with food and a bathroom. Went with my keyboard player BFF and his wife and wife's sister. I said going there that I wanted to hear all down the line, street fighting man and midnight rambler. They played all three and all the other songs you want to hear except brown sugar. I was hoping Mick would have said, screw it and play it.
  7. Last day of gainful employment until mid November. Coffeed up, ready to go.
  8. Keef has defied all odds. I'd go see him again. When I saw them in 1978 in New Orleans he started All Down The Line and it was so freakin great that I remember the opening riff to this day. Only other favorite live song is Midnight Rambler. He and Mick Taylor, fabulous.
  9. The stones are playing tonight here at Sofi stadium and I can get two 8th row center stage tickets for $100. I was tempted then looked at sigalert for traffic and it says 1 hr 45 min to drive there. It's 40 miles. I love the stones but covid, Charlie's death and traffic make me say I can't do it. Sarg I know you love the stones, especially live.
  10. 2nd to last day of current employment. So far so good but busy.
  11. George's solo on the "album" version of Let It Be back in the day was one of his best. I'll all of the stuff released now. Can't help it.. That's what I do. I just watched the trailer. Great clarity, phenomenal picture quality. Wow.
  12. Very nice score indeed! CME is great.
  13. Moving office furniture. Resigned my job. Changing my life.
  14. One thing we don't get here is the autumn leaves. Growing up the Ozarks were really nice but i'm sure not the same as New England. Would love to see some fall colors Including the sky if I may request? 😃
  15. Really excellent photos. The Lake Champlain photo is great sort of horizontal thirds. My son went to school in Vermont and we drove from Boston to there along the short New Hampshire coast and then visited southern Maine taking a roundabout way. Striking scenery.
  16. 😆 The left arm is in the Rosenthal winery estate. They are already rich. The 8x10 is exactly the plan!
  17. Thanks jdgm! We are getting close and very excited. Nov 9th will be 3 years since the fire. The shade to the left of the second photo is actually our neighbor. Looks like we barely missed the pot of gold! I wouldn't venture down there anyway. mountain lion sightings have been frequent lately (I'm serious). One grabbed a kid in their back yard in Calabasas recently (close by). Mom saved the child and the sheriff came and shot it. Won't take the chance!
  18. This AM. Rare Southern California rain last night. Almost finished house. I'll take it as a sign hopefully of good things to come. Here's another. I was sleeping this AM and Vanessa came running in after putting the dogs in the pen screaming get up, get up, grab your camera!! I don't think I have ever seen a complete rainbow in So. California before.
  19. Very sad news. I really liked conversing with him here.
  20. Tman


    Really cool, congrats! I too love black guitars. Chubbykins...yea
  21. When I was growing up in Arkansas, we would have called that a squall line. That would’ve meant a tornado was likely.
  22. Maybe it was John and George playing a Gibson acoustic that originally made me want to get one. I bought a J 45 custom in 2011 for my 51st birthday and have never looked back. I had a custom shop J 45 acacia and a five star quilt J200. I lost them all in the fire of 2018 that burned through Malibu. Now I’m starting over. I love Gibson acoustics.
  23. Tman


    Very cool. I too would love to hear it. I am considering a made to measure maple J 45. I played a Maple AJ once that blew me away. I figure the bird will sound different from a J-200
  24. Good call. I am certain alcohol played a role.
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