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  1. Why does that matter? Because you have already told everyone that you are a physician and therefore what you are saying about our complicated societal condition carries more weight? Getting the guy to admit to being less than an MD will let you put your neck over his since your tail chasing and urinating comments fell a bit flat? Belittling and bullying people who disagree with you wasn't part of my Medical School curriculum. There are better and more effective ways of letting people see your point of view if you have ultimate truth behind you. It's a freaking guitar forum by the way.
  2. Gigs have been my motivation and more specifically not wanting to embarrass myself and also not let the other bandmates down. Sounds nauseagenic but true. Speaking of, the Alzheimer's Arkansas gig that I play every year was officially cancelled today. It was scheduled for August 1st. Things keep getting pushed back. I remember a few months ago when the folks involved in a meeting scheduled for this week said there was no way things wouldn't be back to normal by now. To your original point, I was playing a lot last week but haven't played in a few days and now just don't feel like playing. Guitar has always been my refuge. It will be again. Just an extraordinarily weird time right now.
  3. All such good stuff! Sparky one of my favs is one you mentioned atet a lot of folks haven't heard. I heard it 2 days ago. Jeff Lynne - Armchair Theater Well my wife and I have been trying to exercise the last 3 days. I typically walk around Westlake but she's wanted to go with me and she doesn't like Westlake, she likes to hike on trails. I wanted her to go with me so we tried some interesting variations. The backbone trail is closed. We went through our neighbors private property entrance (with permission) and as soon as we hit county trail, we got busted. The ranger couldn't have been nicer but that's the end of that. Then we tried a part of Mulholland (Tom Petty - Free Falling) that has been closed after the fire. Going great and our one very friendly dog was off leash and a guy came hauling arse down the hill and got completely pissed off because he was off leash. My wife was aghast. There are signs everywhere that say at your own risk bikes and walkers and the road is closed. I said to him, "Hey the rules don't apply to you? You were going way faster than 15 mph and our dog is not a threat." Then I said ferk off". Actually made me feel better and my wife loved it so hey, juvenile aggression paid off.
  4. Here is a good non emotional and also cogent article on the subject. He's neither a scientist nor physician, just a smart successful guy. I figure one of the hardest things to do is to make make accurate predictions. If one could have gone back 1,000 years with the knowledge of Guns, Germs, and Steel it would be a vastly different world. https://www.gatesnotes.com/Health/Pandemic-Innovation?WT.mc_id=20200423060000_Pandemic-Innovation_BG-EM_&WT.tsrc=BGEM
  5. Don't stop believin' I know I don't like Journey either but I am learning songs for an Alzheimer's benefit concert hopefully to be held August 1st and our drummer's wife really wants us to play this song. Neal Schon ain't no slouch. Gonna be a tough song to pull off I think but should be really great if we do.
  6. Civil disobedience with blatant disregard for social distancing recommendations?
  7. I loved it. Especially the Firebird with the non reverse headstock.
  8. Incredibly tough time Todd, very sorry to hear that and best wishes to you and your family.
  9. Ian Hunter, Ian Hunter. Damn what a great album.
  10. I flew from California to Arkansas the weekend of January 27th for my Mom's funeral and got sick from my niece who was very sick and coughed all over everyone. When I got back home I had a fever and a strange dry cough that lasted weeks. The febrile illness lasted only 2-3 days. I tested positive for influenza A. I have thought about the possibility that it might have been the corona virus and it cross reacted, however at the time it was firmly believed that we were at low to zero risk unless we had traveled to Wuhan or was close to someone who had. I then flew to Fiji for my 60th birthday in mid February with a trace of a residual cough. I may haven typhoid Phillip for all I know. Hope not.
  11. Would be cool. I've worked at an outpatient center in Tempe but never a hospital in AZ. Know a lot of folks who have, just not guitar players. If you're ever out to LA!.....
  12. California is around 3rd from the top. Got some bad news today. My best friend's brother died of the virus. 69 y/o. Pretty shocked. His wife and son couldn't even be at the funeral because of isolation.
  13. I haven't heard a lot of what has been mentioned. Today I downloaded Gillian Welch, Joe Walsh, Rory Gallagher, and Captain Beefheart. Down to 60% work and am working tomorrow but will walk and listen beforehand. Then download some more stuff Sunday. Great suggestions on this thread.
  14. The exact reason for this thread! Gotta queue up Harrison. All things has appeared at various times in my life. Time for a listen Another great one for a long walk. I'll give them all a listen. Heard Men at Work back in the day, love it. I learn with this list.
  15. I remember back in the day when I was more naive than I am today (not saying much) I somehow had a music book of Goat's Head soup where I guess I was trying to learn some songs the old fashioned way by looking at the chords (I can't read music per se). I looked at Star Star and words were "She's a star bucker, star bucker. star...." Believe it or not I thought those were the words for years. Finally figured it out when I listened to all of the words, especially the part about keepin the cat clean. Going to listen to Elvis tomorrow, great choice.
  16. I usually start a thread for selfish reasons - I want to learn something. Usually it's either something technical which I am typically bad at or I want to find out what it is that you guys like as far as guitar related things. Along the latter I want to see if you've been listening to things you haven't heard in a while because you can. In the last week I've taken a walk to get some exercise (yes with a mask and yes keeping my distance from other people) everyday. I've listened to the following that I haven't heard in a long time. Albums included: Johnny Winter - Still Alive and Well, Stones - It's Only Rock and Roll and Goat's Head Soup (damn some great sh!t there), Stevie Winwood - Back in the Highlife, Peter Gabriel - So, John Hiatt - Bring the Family, Yes - Tormato........To name a few. Damn, love them all. I've got plenty more to reacquaint with. Some songs like the Stones "Winter" could have been written about what we are all going through right now. What have you listened to during these times and what's your (renewed) impression of them?
  17. You can teach me. I'm a radiologist. Maybe we've met. Our MR and CT technologists are both guitar players. CT tech also builds amps. They are both way outta my league.
  18. Tman


    I love songs with the low E tuned to D. Solemn feeling for me. Kinda like dear prudence. That was great.
  19. Was that list originally for tax purposes? If so how did you use it? I can always learn something.
  20. Seems that Zoom is the new Facebook. (disclaimer, I don't know Facebook, don't have an account - just saying it is popular). Our family is having an isolation "Zoom get together " tomorrow for my twin sister's 70th birthdays. My wife uses it daily for her "new" work situation. Of course the scoundrel scammers are at work trying to screw over honest hard working folk.
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