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  1. Definitely...those LED's look freakn amazing Josh...the wood part doesn't look half bad either
  2. Josh that's just ridiculously cool...Kinda of what Carvin does to there V3 models...Those will look fantastic on some stands..
  3. oops... I'll see if i can take it down
  4. Cool I'll enter again...Every stand you continue to make make Josh keeps getting better and better..Love the SEGAS stand.
  5. ...What it is. It kinda makes you think about all these "boutique" pedal builders.. It's easy to fall into the hype and forget that they're usually just clones of an existing pedal with a few tweaks. It's easy to think that because something costs more and is handmade it's automatically better when the Alpha Drive shows that even cheap pedals can sound great with a few t...

  6. Hey I didn't see your posts about the El Cap till just now. I feel the same way about it it's easy to use and sounds incredible. I wasn't much of a delay fan either before I got it but now it's my second favorite effect behind fuzz. I love looping with it!

    I'm sorry you got taken advantage of by Freekish Blues. Hopefully you can still just enjoy the pedal for ...

  7. You were right Dubby....More and more post on TGP is showing up and confirming it..Even though its stilla great sounding pedal, I feel cheated and pissed off I was so nice to the guy and was giving positive reviews...Thanks for the heads up man..Maybe it'll become an expensive "novelty" pedal one day, after Freekish Blues goes down the sinker...lol.

  8. It just absolutely destroys it...The versatitility of functions and sound is just out of this world..Was never a big delay fan until now, and dont regret the 300$ purchase..Oh and Dub..guess whats coming Saturday..? My Alpha Drive!! I've waited two months for build time and it's supposed to be one of the best OD's on the market..check out the review by Burgs..its made...

  9. I'm actually really impressed how user friendly it is..I thought it was gonna be a ***** to figure it out..but I was able figure out the looper and everything else besides the secondary functions, without looking at any directions..I also didn't put it into my fx loop, and all I can say is wow...I thought my MXR CC sounded great in the fx loop, and even when the El Cap is in front of th...

  10. AWESOME!

    How are you liking it so far? It takes a while to really figure it out but I knew it was love the second I plugged in.

    Tell me what you think about it!

  11. My El Cap just got here today...So your not the only one on the forum to have one!

  12. Your a lucky son of a gun.. Your absolutely correct when you associate it with a piece of furniture the price is very reasonable..the quality of the wood is outstanding....I would love to have one, as would my gf after I showed her this beauty. Craftsmanship looks superb as well.
  13. Hells nah. Seriously though you should really think about picking one up. I know they're pretty expensive but they're so amazing.

    I'm literally mesmerized by mine when I use it.. It's so ridiculously good it's almost a problem because I just want to smother everything in it's greatness.

  14. Can I have yours? :)

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