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  1. Hey guys, been absent for a while but have a question for any Gibson fanatics. Well I work at a local guitar shop and my co-worker has a Gibby Explorer that he purchased from a local dealer in '78. He bought it "new" and is the sole owner, but came with a factory refin, two serial numbers, and a "second" stamped on the back of the headstock.. The first serial # (967346) indicates it was approx built in 1959 while the second (70178087)indicates that it's from '78. It also has a repaired headstock from the factory as well. Any info concerning value, history, facts etc would be great.
  2. i just love this thread...just thought i'd pop in for that insignificant statement..
  3. I don't understand why this wouldn't be covered by Gibson's Warranty... ...If that happened to one of my Gibby's, I'd definitey would expect a warranty replacement...It looks like it's going to continue to get worse as well...
  4. I was looking at those earlier but they don't state what kind of RW is being used...For that price I'd want Brazilian or Madagascaran...But since they don't state it, my guess would be East Indian RW..(still great RW none the less)
  5. http://www.tundratone.com/ I have two original 1959 BumbleBee Caps that I bought from Tundratone..One is a 0.22uf that I bought for 40$ ( Went in my SilverBurst Explorer)...and 0.10uf BB Cap for 10$ (Waiting for a NGD for this one)....Real great dude, and the real BB's are just magnificent...I prefer them to the Luxe's by a fair stretch BUT those Luxe's sound damn good..real or not..
  6. Definitely...those LED's look freakn amazing Josh...the wood part doesn't look half bad either
  7. If you want a good start, look at some Barber OD's...1st class components and good price's to boot..Fred and I have our "dislikes" about Boss OD/Distortion pedals...So I'd go Barber for dirt pedals or about anything they make.. .
  8. One of the few post I've ever read where, I actually lol...
  9. Great lookin V bro...I love mine as well..One of the few guitar's I bought new and the action was completely perfect...It's the most comfortable guitar to play while standing up, and those pups scream, with some nice saturation...The clean's are bit metallic but that can be a good thing depending on what your going for...Rock on man!
  10. Good idea Cookie, I've been trying to do the same as well...Your the only other guy in the forum that has a Gibson 60's Studio Deluxe other then I, so make sure to put that axe to some work! Great talkn to you dude.
  11. Yep same here...All of em fit like a glove..
  12. Kind of envious man, how you can just pick up a bass and start laying down tracks...and good ones at that...Really impressive dude.
  13. Yup good quailty caps are the way to go..I have an 1959 original 0.22 BB cap in my Explorer and it sounds incredible...Also have some Luxe Bee's in my Trad that sounds great too..It's amazing what a cap change can do for your tone, and what's even more amazing is that Gibson is using such sh!t caps in the first place..(I mean seriously look at those blue things? lol)
  14. wow number 3 was INSANE...it scared the **** out of me just watching it..I can't imagine what the dude felt like like who was standing there....Great post rocket, thanks for sharing.
  15. Wow that's great dem00n..I hope the wait isn't as long...But it's definitely worth waiting for...The price really isn't that bad compared to the El Capistan...Happy for you dude.
  16. Josh that's just ridiculously cool...Kinda of what Carvin does to there V3 models...Those will look fantastic on some stands..
  17. chase1410


    I've been curious about these as well...Would to love to read a full review if you get a chance.
  18. Yea that was the reason for me buying one, but then when pushing any dirt pedals through it, they all sounded fizzy and unpleasant ....the HRDLX is in no way a "high gain" amp...Hell it's drive channel is pretty freakin bad, but it handle's pedals better then any other amp I've had and the clean channel is exceptional ( Fender Super Sonic, DRRI, Egnater Tweaker, Traynor YVC Blackstar 40, Fender Bassman 50, Bugera BC30, Peavey Classic 30, Class5, etc.). Anyway just my my opinion and I'm finding it very difficult to find a great amp that takes pedals exceptionally well..It seem's I need to save up about 3g and get a Hiwatt SA212.
  19. eh I disagree, the DRRI I had was complete utter dog ****....Couldn't handle pedals AT all, and the clean's were lacking presence and bass...my HRDLX kill's it IMO and is 300$ cheaper...The older one's, well I can't speak for them, but I bet there's a reason they became famous, so if I ever go down that route again it'll be a vintage DRRI. As you can probably assume the DRRI I had was returned 3 days after it arrived.
  20. oops... I'll see if i can take it down
  21. Cool I'll enter again...Every stand you continue to make make Josh keeps getting better and better..Love the SEGAS stand.
  22. Silver Petrone for me....Never been a beer guy...always wanted to be, but just simply cannot tolerate the taste...whether light or dark beer, they just don't do it for me.....But a glass of chilled Petrone and I'm a happy camper
  23. hmmm I dont like it...... I love it!!!! Great melody and riffs...Just fantastic! You got some talent Stiff!
  24. On fire man! Love it...Just my kind of playing.. (Guitar ain't bad either )
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