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    Case candy

    They are missing. I get some Case Candy with my '08 SG Special that I bought in 09 ... These guys at Gibson did it wrong in the flood time I suggest ...
  2. Or maybe just a joke from one of your friends?!?
  3. Yeah' date=' real Bizarre that ... even if they hate Slash and/or his Paul Sig's they Post ... Kind of funny BTW, thats a killer Guitar, thinking about getting a 57' RI and put black Slash Sig Pups in it ... which will be really cool
  4. DiZzy-T

    Sg nut

    Thign about the Method with a graphite mine pencil? Did it with mine 08' Faded Cherry as my G string did it, just amazing, after restringing there where nothing like that until today.
  5. I'm sure that I've not seen it anytime before, but it looks so great! The Quilted Maple Top looks incredible!
  6. Your Neck Humbucker is a DiMarzio Super Distortion, because his DC Resistance, you're right.
  7. DiZzy-T


    Oh yeah ... really lovely ... love that thing ...
  8. SG's dind't have a Binding. The Standard has a Pearl of Mother (I think) Gibson Logo, an SG on the Truss Rod Cover, this kind of cool Headstock Inlay, Crown Fret-Inlays, a clear code over the laque, other Knobs and a 498T as Bridge PU insteed of a 490T.
  9. In my opinion no ... If you really want a real Vintage Guitar, you have to live with things like that, because of the Vintage So, you have the Faded Worn Cherry Color too? Or that "Solid" Finish?
  10. At "Worn" Guitars you just have to play ... my SG Faded Worn looks really cool after playing it for 10 Mouths. REALLY Aged :D It looks like beeing 5 or more Years old ;) On "Solid" Finish's you have to ask someone else, sorry that I couldn't help you with that. I want to know this too.
  11. DiZzy-T


    Swiss Cheease Holes ... but Just like he said: SG stands for Solid Guitar, there aren't SG out there which are weight relieved. It could be the wood, today gibson uses lighter Wood than 20 years before ... Could be that Point, but there aren't any weight relieved SG's. Didn't know about that... o.ô
  12. DiZzy-T

    New SG!!!

    I want to get an Sh-15 ... Please if you're able to get some Audio files or a description of your sound, that would be very nice and helpful!
  13. You're right mooboo, but the problem for Sheekamoo is - he probably wants to play with the same Volume or he wants to play with both Pick-Ups without beeing louder. There are many people who wants that fact, because of the higher Note beeing the same Volume that you have in the Neck Position on the Low Notes. They maybe want to switch to Solos without increase the Volume at all ... For most players they want to have increased Output just for there Solos, but there where many people who likes that kind of clearity on all Notes that the Bridge Pick-Ups they give. There problem is that kind of boost they get by switching to the Bridge... I'm sorry, but I actually couldn't help you with your problem :/
  14. There is a new Les Paul out there! http://www2.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/Les-Paul/Gibson-USA/Les-Paul-Standard-2010-Limited.aspx This is a Les Paul that I used to have ... but ... if I could buy it ... but I didn't ... What's your Opinion about that beauty?
  15. I prefer the Studio ... Black/Gold or White/Gold is my way to go ... the Standard isn't for me good way to go, with exeption if it has a Honeyburst Finish or a Vintage Sunburst Finish (Which isn't a normal Finish for this guitar, I want it to look like the Slash Signature ... looks way too cool for "Standard", huh? :/ )... but then with Black Parts and other PU's ... or uncoverd PU's.
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