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  1. Irish_Rover, I guess you are a "Rover". (considering the name and then the location.} Congrats, big time!!! Of my modest collection, my 339 is my favorite. Hope the setup takes the guitar to where you want it. Let us know!!! Best of luck, Willy
  2. Seastone, Don't know about others but I'm always interested in what someone has done as mods. Info and Pics.... That's what it's about. (although we do get a few good laughs from time to time) Keep us updated, Willy
  3. +1 and yes...Welcome. Good info. The subject comes up around here frequently. Seems that all the 90's Sheratons out of Korea were that way. Plenty of threads on how to get around it....but.... I've never seen anyone post that they found one that was a direct fit. Welcome aboard, Willy
  4. Have a Great New Year too Willy, hope you get all you wish for mate.

  5. Happy new year, Willy!

  6. Scott0,

    Been reading many of your posts.

    Good observations and good advice...

    Happy New Year!!!


  7. Happy New Year RaSTuS


  8. Happy New Year Rob.


  9. Glennc,

    I'll send you a PM.

  10. Hello Willy,

    Want to wish that you will increasingly feel better at a rapid rate. Do take care. I was unaware of your situation and wanted to ask about the Badass you put on a humbucker Epi Special Guitar and having to lower the studs. Since P90's generally IIRC sit higher, I might be able to get around that. Please do take your time to reply if you indeed care to contribute on the i...

  11. What amp are you playing it through? Have you tried it through other amps? They would have to be humbucker size P-90s. (No big deal) Willy
  12. Good info guys. This one is going in my list on page 4 of A.F.'s DIY. Willy
  13. Rednefceleb, Blueman335 made some interesting comments here: http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/83465-seymour-duncan-sh-1-59s-sounding-bright/page__view__findpost__p__1142628 He seems to have a fair handle on magnet types. Maybe he will chime in. Willy
  14. To tell the truth, I figured you'd get it figured out. Did the volume tapers work out the way you wanted them to? Next time someone wants to do a 50's upgrade it will be your turn to do the explaining. Big time CONGRATS!!! Willy
  15. Pics? If all the wires seem to check out for correct location (especially at the switch) then something should work. Even if you did burn out something, the odds of burning out everything are small. Any chance you forgot to solder the third leg of the volume pots to the back of the pots? Are the backs of the pots all grounded together? Any chance that the caps are touching the walls of the cavity and grounding out? No chance you got the power and the ground wires reversed at the switch? Willy
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