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  1. id like to see a nice, upclose, very clear picture of the back of the entire headstock.
  2. Swinzey

    coil tapping

    That blows. But figuring in my luck,it makes sence, so the Iommi pup it will be.with the afore mentioned pots it will be. Oh well nothing ever comes easy for me lol! Has anyone hear ever split an Iommi pup? I just need a single coil tone here and there but dont wanna spend on a Classic. Plus Tony is my main influence! Forget the Melody Maker,I want it on MY SG. Its the greatest guitar i ever owned. And need it to be a do all.
  3. SG'S r hands down the best guitars in the world!!!
  4. Swinzey

    coil tapping

    well im hoping they have 4 wires if not ive been wanting the iommi pup for a long time now maybe its time to splurge on it. My Sg is a 2003 Faded i wonder if they r 4 wire.
  5. Swinzey

    coil tapping

    Hey guys and girls! I am thinking of coil tapping my SG. Can anyone tell me if these pots will work or not? or if ypou can link me to the correct ones that would be great too! Thanx!!! http://accessories.musiciansfriend.com/product/DiMarzio-500K-PushPull-Pot?sku=987357&rec=product_A
  6. I have one and it dosent have any qc problems xcept for the crap nut. thinking about putting a brass nut on.
  7. I run my SG into a boss ML-2 then a Dunlop Wah then into my Fender HotRod Deville 2x12. Its a great setup for my style anyhow.
  8. Beautiful wood grain in Her! And she picks peaches too? LOL Great pics!!
  9. theyre the first pickups listed lol http://store.gibson.com/Products/Pickups.aspx
  10. I have the DiMarzio setup on my faded. It works real well and was pretty cheap. Overall a good solid strap and lock combo. http://accessories.musiciansfriend.com/product/DiMarzio-2Inch-Nylon-ClipLock-Guitar-Strap?sku=364661
  11. I wouldn't go knocking the Faded or Specials. i had enough cash to buy a LP Studio at the time, played the Studio, then(for the fist time with any SG, I was a Fender man lol) an SG Faded, then a SG Std,and in my opinion I fell in love with the Faded. It very bright,fast and just fits me and who Iam perfectly. See I dont need to brag about how much i spent. I dont need glitz and glamour to express myself i.e. the shiny finish and bindings, I found an instrument that fit me . A True Love story lol. All um tryin to say is play around find whats best for you. Sometimes its not a matter of money but, rather desire. Bragging rights only count when its the time spent with your instrument.Not what it looks like.
  12. dosent sound right to me. my pups rock back and forth if you try to move them but not side to side.;) As for scratches, if you bought it used what do you expect? Post pics.
  13. Hiya!! i have a Faded Cherry SG and love Her! Good luck!
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