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  2. I gotta admit, this guitar has put the "hook" in me pretty good! I love the looks and I also love the sound of a Gibson P94 ( I have them in a Gibson ES195) ... really a superb pickup. There is just a small niggle I have with it ... $800 for an Indonesian made guitar and they won't even bump you a case? Any Epiphone I have ever purchased at and around that price point has come with one. Epi is getting a little stingy lately ... the Black and Blue Casino is mysteriously missing a case too. Jim
  3. ... and it's a Gibson, right? That was sort of the point ... Eiphone has never done a completely correct version of the Firebird. Anyway, here are a couple of pics of the Epi Firebird that I used to own. Nice guitar ... just not a Firebird in the sense that an Epiphone Les Paul is a real Les Paul, is it? Jim
  4. I ownwd an Epiphone Firebird years ago. Great guitar, but a "Bird without neck-through construction and banjo tuners just isn't really a Firebird is it? This is my Gibson Jeff "Skunk" Baxter Firebird ... one of my favorite guitars! Jim
  5. "One of each" is the only possible answer, Shakey! They are each so different from one another that of course, you will want both! Jim
  6. I was eyeballing the very same Casino on the Sweetwater Gear Gallery, El. It is beautifully grained and altogether gorgeous ... I'm glad it went to someone in The Forum. Big congrats! Jim
  7. I own a '61 Anniversary, and I can't imagine the Elitist being THAT much better ... but I still want one just in case it is! Jim
  8. Great work, Fromnabulax! I have that very same guitar and so far mine has remained completely stock ... but this post is inspirational. I have P94 pickups in a Gibson ES-195 and they are extraordinary. I bet they sound amazing in the Florentine! Enjoy your unique guitar, man ... you had a vision and saw it through to completion! Jim
  9. A very different take, but Firebird all the way. The Jeff "Skunk" Baxter Firebird ... Jim
  10. You hear that, Ug? Even the cork sniffers are calling you a CORK SNIFFER! Jim
  11. What they WILL sound is ... different, Steve. Especially if you've been using humbuckers or "Fender-style" single coils up to this point. Don't forget that 'buckers were developed as a replacement/improvement over P90's and that it was player demand that kept them around. They do have a different tone though ... one that I love ... but different. They can be warmer, thicker, grittier, harder that their twin coiled counterparts ... and I find them to be quite a bit more reactive to your picking hand as well. You'll get 'em dialed in, don't worry. You amp will be a big part of the puzzle, so don't neglect to play around with that either. Oh ... did I forget to mention hum? Yeah ... they have a little of that as well! Jim
  12. I picked up this guitar a couple of months ago and just never got around to taking pictures and posting about it. I have always loved the look of Firebirds, but other than owning an Epiphone Firebird VII for a while, never took the plunge on a Gibson model. Then this thing came along and really but the hook into me! To begin with, as much as I like and admire Jeff Baxter, I've never seen him actually PLAY a Firebird, so that whole connection was kind of lost on me and didn't play the least bit into my purchasing decision ... the sound and feel of this great axe, however, did. In the very few posts I've seen one it, I have heard the guitar described as "fiddly", and as having "too many switches", and it's trues ... it has a bunch, but the various tones you can get out of this thing make it more than worthwhile! Here are some pics for you (yes, I LIKE the finish too! ) Jim
  13. Just took this out of the box the day before yesterday ... it's been a wonderful Honeymoon so far! Here are the Sweetwater pics as well as a couple of lousy ones of my own when I could force myself to stop playing ... A 2014 Les Paul Traditional Goldtop w/P90's and a Bigsby: Jim
  14. If any of you ever get over to the Gibson side, you might have noticed that I ordered a Gibson Les Paul Traditional with P90’s and a Bigsby last weekend. Well, it showed up and is a marvelous guitar … a real home run for Gibson. So … I decided that I no longer really needed my 2011 Epiphone Les Paul ‘56 Goldtop. I grabbed it and a couple of others that were no longer getting any attention and headed off the my old stomping grounds at Guitar Center top see what I could get for them. We always used to treat folks pretty fairly there and I figured, as a former employee, I had a better that average shot at getting a good deal. I really didn’t have anything in mind for a trade, having just opened the case on the new Gibson the day before, but law and behold, what should I find hanging on the wall but two brand spanking new Epiphone Las Paul Florentine models! They had both a Honeyburst and a Cherryburst. I played them both and found I just liked the “feel” of the Honeyburst a bit more, so home she came with me. Folks, this is a VERY nice guitar. Fit and finish are pretty much flawless as far as I have been able to tell in such a short time. The Burstbucker pickup are warm without the mud and chime nicely when cut to single coil. This is a heavily chambered instrument, not a true semi-hollowbody, but still weighs in at a very comfortable 6 pounds or so. The neck is the standard 60’s slim with no buzz or high frets … even the set-up was pretty near perfect, at least for how I like a neck to be set. Here are some pics for you. I haven’t owned the thing for 24 hours, so a review at this point would be kind of worthless to you guys, but I have to say that so far I am VERY pleased! I’ll let you know if I find something wrong with her, but I don’t think I will! The few posts I've read on this guitar talked about how GREEN the tuning pegs were. I guess they are a little, but I'm just stoked to see that they are keys instead of the little beans! Veneer or not, Epi did a nice job on the tops of these guitars: Jim
  15. "The sun'll come out ... tomorrow." Jim
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