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  1. One of my favorite bursts! BTW, I dig the connect 4 game in the background....loved that game!
  2. Ive read the terms & conditions And ill be sure to add more soon. I was planning on getting it setup, but after restringing, adjusting the string height, and playing it again. Im not sure if I want to get it done, but im still having a hard time tuning it and keeping it in tune, so either way im going to just have it done and over with. Anyone have any ideas that I could try before having someone else do it? Thanks!
  3. So I got it cleaned up a little bit last night after work. Still needs some work though, but I figured at least I am starting on it now. I called around a few places as far as getting a complete setup. I just want to know what to look out for when trying to find a reliable person to work on my guitar. Most of the places are close to the same price, only real difference was the turn around time. Any suggestions? Thanks again, and I really appreciate all your help.
  4. Yup. I live in Mesa but work in Phx. You can see how this guitar has accumulated so much grim from doing only one or two jam sessions outside here in AZ, and not servicing it in a few years.
  5. You think I might be close as far as the age goes? Early 2000's?
  6. Indeed it does, It was at a friends house where we can actually play loud for a couple months and it needs a serious cleaning now.
  7. I bought this guitar back in '01 and it has done me no wrong the entire time. But I just had a few questions regarding the neck finish on mine. Its ebony neck, with an ebony body. I'm just not finding this combo anywhere on the Gibson site as a finish option. Not sure of the actual age either. I have a few pictures here and on has a serial number if that helps. At least I think I'm pretty sure its a SG Special. Thank for any help you guys and gals can give.
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