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  1. So I know that over at dead.net they have the complete Europe 72 release, which is already sold out! But who here appreciates the 1972 Grateful Dead material here? I think the dead in general have a great vibe and that run from early 72 in Europe is just the peak of the creative and fun process of making music and touring the country. I would love to have been on that tour. Too bad I dont have 450 bucks and they are sold out.
  2. Indeed! I would never spend that much on a guitar to begin with, but your right. It just looks bad like that. I just like the idea of having a solid rosewood neck....
  3. I kinda like what they did with the neck on this one. Rosewood Neck Masterbuilt Fender Custom
  4. Ken Bebensee Found this person making these guitars, I would love to get my hands on one just to see how they play. What do you think, I kind of like the hollow bodies they make.
  5. Summer has to be the best time of year here in Arizona. Yes its over 100 at night, and add some flames to that, steaks, corn, beers and good music. I love summer
  6. It is supposed to rain tonight and maybe tomorrow, I just finished up grilling some chicken and corn on the grill and it was perfect timing. It started to rain just as the chicken finished, Its nice to see some precipitation in this side of the world for once. Im still holding off washing my car for another week or so just in case.
  7. I was here for it as well. I had my keys in ready to goto the store, opened the door and took one look at that 4000 ft wall of dust and dirt, and said, well I guess im going to the store tomorrow. It was pretty cool, ive been in only 3 or 4 of them so far. Lucky there was no damage.
  8. I'm really digging how thin this is. Im guessing with the right equipment setup you could get some controllable sustain that could last for a while! Big fan, would love to find one.
  9. Got my copy, and have been listening to it a lot! I really dig Simple Things, and Come See About Me....really the whole album is good. I hope they do another one sometime in the near future.
  10. Brats, Burgers, Steaks and ESPECIALLY corn on the cob....both wrapped in foil and just on the grill still in the husks. As much as I love to grill I almost have to wait til sundown out here in AZ. It was between 110-115 the past few days and lighting a fire for the grill just was not on my to do list for dinner. I think this weekend its getting fired up though!
  11. WOW! Its been a while since I have really just kept looking at a guitar dreaming how awesome it would be to have this guitar. But for 5K, I dont need it that bad. Maybe it will be one of those "when I win the lotto guitars". What do you guys think? I just love the tonal properties of Koa wood. Koa Custom Shop
  12. I picked up a Squire Butterscotch Blond Tele at a local shop for $70. It was already modified to be a string through, and has a few added holes?? But I gotta say its a fun little guitar for the price. When I get the time I will try to find some noiseless pickups to replace the current ones. Other than that, its setup pretty decently and sounds pretty good.
  13. Tedeschi Trucks Band just released Revelator. Some real nice tunes in that album. It really takes guts and confidence to have two successful working bands and then go into a new project not knowing if it will work or not. But in my opinion I think it was done really well. I also heard it was recorded onto tape like they did it before digital recording. Derek Trucks even holds back a little with the guitar work and lets Susan kind of take the drivers seat in the album. Great to see live if you get a chance! Here are a couple samples: http://youtu.be/VtubiePVpwM
  14. I agree Rocky4...NO PICKS! You have to just keep at it too, never give up., oh and make sure your guitar has proper intonation which can be done with a good setup.
  15. What part of AZ you in? Im in the valley, Mesa area, hopefully your not anywhere near the fires. I really feel for those people out there in Eager and Springerville, have some friends that live out there. Crazy weather indeed nationwide.
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