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  1. Well thats good to know. I have always played an SG but have always wanted a silverburst Les pual because silverburst was never available on the SG but now that there is a silverburst SG I can have the best of both worlds! Of course this means I will be spending more money than I have, because there is no way I am returning the silverburst Les Paul Studio I just bought and Im not selling my 86 SG so I guess its another Gibby soon to be added to the family! Thanks Guys !!!
  2. I have ran across a person selling a Gibson SG Standard in the Silverburst finish made in Feb of 2010. The problem is I cant find any information on Gibson making the SG in silverburst except for in 2007 for the guitar of the week? The pics he has look legit but on the back of the headstock it is stamped "Made in the USA 2010" I have never seen where gibson stamps the production year, [confused] isnt that what the serial number is for? So I am asking if anyone knows if Gibson has produced a Silverburst SG Standard in 2010. I love the finish so much and I badly want an SG to match my Les Paul Studio but I dont want to get suckered into buying a fake so any help from the experts is greatly appreciated!
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