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  1. I have a gibson 5 string Banjo model RB-250 and A Dobro which I have been unable to find any dates or numbers on. I am researching them to sale and help remodel my aunts house. I have some pictures that some both instruments. The banjo has some wear but the Dobro looks great. If anyone can help with finding any infomation on reasonable pricing please let me know thanks. Banjo Dobro
  2. I have what I believe to be a 1970 Les Paul Bass it still has the original case in great shape with manuals and pickups. The Back of the guitar doesn't have any wear and tear and is in amazing shape. I am researching this to sale to remodel my aunts house. If anyone knows info about this item or knows a reasonable asking price for it that would be great. Thanks.
  3. I have a Gibson 1949 Country Western Model guitar and couldn't find the serial number. Also I am trying to sale this gutair do anyone know a good asking price for this model. It has some wear from play but still sounds amazing.
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