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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=thucnGUcXsY&feature=related
  2. Gotta give two thumbs up to "Big Sugar" and "The Trews"! Two great Canadian bands! Big Sugar's cover of "Dear Mr Fantasy" is fuzzarific! J
  3. Thanks for all the advice and thoughts. I'm just going to keep my eye out for a while longer. I'm sure I could sell the LP and then get a used Gibby coostic and have a bit left over. I have priced a 93 Standard at around 1600-2000, depending on finish and shape. Josh
  4. Hey, My name is Josh and I usually post over in the lounge. Just wanted to get the acoustic peeps opinions on this 74 Hummingbird and whether it is a instrument that may be a good live guitar. It has some damage, but I went up and played it and it sounds great. Anyhow, here she is My link Thanks for any help you can give, I truly appreciate it! Josh
  5. Just wanted to show you this 74 hummingbird that I think I can get a straight up trade for my LP. It is a local shop not to far away. Thoughts? My link J
  6. Yeah, I play it and have played it for some shows. It really is in fabulous shape for its age...more pics over on the trading post that I posted btw. I basically got it from a gentleman who bought it in 93 and then just put it away and never played it. I got it two years ago and it was almost like buying a brand new standard it was in such great shape. Hated the ceramic pickups that were in there stock so switched em for the SD's. I'm ready to part with it, my takamine acoustic is 16 years old and is nearing the end of its gigging days. I just got this great gig playing with some other great singer/songwriters every week and want something that is top-notch, like a j-45 or something of near equal value. Thanks for all the comments and advice, I appreciate it. Josh
  7. Oh, I forgot my favorite "Cloudy" Chuck Blackwell drummer from the Mad Dog's and Englishmen band with Leon Russell and Joe Cocker and Taj Mahal. He is awesome and has some great stories and he has played with everyone from Albert King to Hendrix. J
  8. Lets see...musicians Ryan Adams, Ted Russell Kamp, David Cook other people Bob Stoops, Alex Rodriguez, Keith Jackson, Kirk Herbstreit, Lee Corso, Barry Sanders. Lot of sports peeps..lol J
  9. Finally got around to taking some photos! Standard is up for for trade in the good ole trading post, junior is going to be a keeper! Junior is a 01, it is gloss nitro version and the other is a 93 LP Standard. Hopefully pretty soon I will have the 93 traded up for a sweet Gibby acoustic to use with my acoustic/americana act!
  10. Really no losers in the bunch, all classic. Just have to remember who started the nasty, as I like to call the great rock and roll riffage. J
  11. Good to be back Roger! What would we do without guitars I asked myself today? I got depressed thinking about it and decided not to answer the question. =) J
  12. "Are You Experienced" changed the game! Just listen to his peers talk about the first time they heard that. J
  13. Yea! Looks like I'm not going to be playing as much electric. Posted a feeler on the Trading Post about maybe trading it for the right coostic. Sad I know, but I need a new acoustic and I have not the cash. J
  14. Just my two cents....really love the Fulltone RTO, very smooth! Turns my Champ into a Jtm in a click, and you gotta love that. Good luck. J
  15. My computer has been giving me issues so I haven't been able to get on the boards since the last time I came on here. Anyhow, just saying hi and hope you are all well! J
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