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  1. He does know that it's the preamp. The thing is crap and a lot of people have had the same problem with it. What else could the hum be from if not the electronics of the guitar? Obviously it's not the cable or the amplifier.
  2. Well mark me down as having yet another eSonic2 hum problem. I purchased a used Masterbuilt last month that plays and sounds amazing. It worked fine. Then, after getting a setup on it, the hum problem occurred. My Luthier can't figure out what's wrong with it and said the preamp is pretty much shot. I emailed Gibson and they said it's covered under warranty ONLY if I am the original owner. So since I bought it used, I'm screwed. The thing this, according to the serial number, the guitar was made in April of 2017. It's barely a year old. What a load of crap. This eSonic2 system is obviously faulty. If it was a car it would be covered under the lemon laws. Gibson should be rectifying this situation for it's customers. Anyway, does anyone know if there is something that is a direct replacement for the eSonic2 system? Something that I could rip out all of the eSonic2 parts and drop in a new system? Thanks.
  3. If it was "neck whip" or moving of the neck, wouldn't more than one string be going out of tune?
  4. So many variables is right. I've pretty much ruled out the strings as the issue. I use the exact same brand one gauge lighter on my strat and it almost never goes out of tune. I'm only using 10 gauge strings so I don't see how it could be that the strings are too big for the nut and they are getting stuck. I rarely get the ping issue either. I also stretch the strings very thoroughly before playing. It's also not an issue of the strings being new since it will go out of tune when I first put them on or when I've had them on for two weeks. Someone said it could be the tuners but I find it hard to believe that stock Gibson tuners would go out of tune so easily. Out of curiosity, do you wrap your strings over top once before winding them under (I think that makes sense)? Perhaps I need a more secure wind on this guitar. Specifically, it I bend any string up a whole step it almost always goes out of tune.
  5. I just got me an SG Special a few months ago. I love it so far but I can't bend the strings or it goes out of tune. I'm not sure what's causing this because I can take my other guitars and throw them at the wall and they still stay in tune. Everything is setup perfectly for me. The one thing I have tried is putting a little graphite in the nut slots since I thought the nut could be the culprit. Does anyone or did anyone have issue with their SGs going out of tune easily? Any suggestions what to check?
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