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  1. Thanks, Jinder. She's been taking me for a ride and I'm still dizzy from the experience!
  2. Thanks, Jack. I am having a hard time putting her down. This guitar just feels like magic in my hands...light, responsive, loud and tasteful all at once. I can't imagine how good she will sound 5 years down the road. Needless to say, I am one happy camper.
  3. Cool, Tony. I'm sure Andrew at E.M. Shorts is taking good care of you. He is a fabulous guy to deal with. Keep us posted on her arrival!
  4. Thanks to all for your kind remarks. She is a real beauty, sweet sound...and LIGHT as a feather. Tony, did you get that J45TV yet?
  5. YUP! Madagascar Rosewood it is!.. Unfortunately, I don't have a recording setup, so no clips will be forthcoming. Maybe, I'll get a video up on youtube in the near future. Thanks for the kind words, folks...I am thrilled, to say the least. I went from a $1000. Takamine to this! Plus it has the LR Baggs Element installed.
  6. Okay, guys and gals....I just opened the case ... here are some shots of my newest baby, a NOS 2007 Limited Edition J45 Custom Quilted Mahogany with Adirondack Red Spruce Top: She sounds as sweet as she looks. Thanks to my dealer, E.M. Shorts in Wichita, Kansas.. www.wichitaband.com....Andrew you are the BEST!
  7. I'll let you know on Friday when it arrives. I've only heard it over the phone, and even that sounded sweet! I am salivating waiting for the UPS truck....
  8. What's your favorite direct box and why? I'm considering the L.R. Baggs Para Acoustic....
  9. I ended up cancelling the J45TV as it came with the hazy VOS finish and the Adi top looked like crap with the lines it had in it. I got a great deal on this baby from my dealer who suggested it as an alternative to the J45 TV (which HE was not happy with either)Here it is, NOS, untouched: 2007 Limited Edition J45 Custom Quilted Mahogany - 1 of 24 made The reason I got a great deal is that the quilt on the back is screwy...but who cares!! No one's gonna see it. Landed this for $1825. Not too shabby...whatdya think?
  10. I have just purchased a Ltd. Edition J45 Custom Quilted Mahogany (2007 NOS) from my dealer. It has the Adirondack Red Spruce Top and is pre-loaded with the LR Baggs Element. Who out there has owned one of these...and what are/were your impressions? I have yet to play it, but the price was impossible to turn down. If I don't like it, I can return it. Please chime in if you are one of the chosen few who had this baby.....
  11. There's no price you can put on a performance like that. The spiritual reward will last much longer than a few extra scheckles in your pocket. Congrats! BTW...How do you like your True Vintage Southern Jumbo? I'm considering one.....
  12. Thanks to all...especially Gilliangirl for making me salivate even further over this astounding piece of "guit-architecture"...I'm feeling like Pavlov's dog right now! OH Yeah!!!!! How could I forget???...the hot hide glue, fretboard binding, forward shifted bracing, aged finish, lightweight of 4lbs....good lord...will this ever end?????? The anticipation is killing me! Don't know if I'll make it to next week... I'll just keep playing GUTH's tracks over and over to get the monkey off my back, but I fear that even that won't help!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Thanks, guys. The camera is ready and waiting for the opening of the case on Day One. As far as the differences between a J45 and the True Vintage (TV) model, here are a few (I may have missed some): The TV has: - no electronics installed - scalloped bracing (making it less "stiff" as well as lighter than a standard J45, which BTW I also enjoyed playing) - "old school" white button tuners (lighter than those heavier grovers on the J45) - a bone nut and saddle - Adirondack red spruce - Old style Banner logo w/ "Only a Gibson is good enough" I have been told that overall the guitar is more "woody" and authentic sounding, as well as crisper with greater note separation due to the scalloped bracing and Adi top. Other J45TV lovers, please chime in with additional specs or corrections, as I have yet to receive mine.
  14. Hey Folks...I am PSYCHED!!!!! Just received an e-mail from my dealer informing me that Gibson has shipped him my newly ordered J45 TV with Adirondack Red Spruce top. Arriving in the shop tomorrow! While at the dealer, I'm having a Fishman Matrix Infinity installed as well as doing a setup with John Pearse strings, then its on its way to me. I must say...I am VERY EXCITED about this purchase as well as a super price (45% off MSRP) and can't wait to get this baby home. Please chime in with your J45 TV love stories.... !!!
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