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  1. Do know that it's not actually solid Korina.
  2. If you want that early AC/DC sound, get the T-Top.
  3. I played a '63 SG Junior and the P90 in it knocked my socks off. To be fair though, I've never played a guitar equipped with modern P90s to compare with. It was gritty, almost Filtertron-like. All I know is it nailed my idea of that "vintage guitar" tone. Wish I could have afforded it, but I'd need about $350 more than my current guitar funds allow and the assholes at Guitar Center wouldn't budge on the price.
  4. Is It Just Me... or am I all on my own again? Talk about irony, check out the rhythm guitarist's single pickup Lester in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qt8b-beZEgA Pretty sweet guitar.
  5. Suicidehummer


    They made Robot LP Specials?
  6. Not too artsy at all, that's beautiful! I didn't know those came with bound headstocks with holly inlays.
  7. I'm not usually a fan of the natural bursts, but yours looks a lot like the natural finish some late '60s SGs came in.
  8. Yeah I'm with RockMan82 on the '65 SG. However, I'm buying a Custom Shop SG VOS soon so that's close enough for me!
  9. I wouldn't think sawdust or a chip of wood would make any noise inside a wooden guitar...
  10. I'm still confused... what was really in that guy's (and your) guitar?
  11. Just watch Ebay and be patient.
  12. Not mine but I was going to buy one just like it until I found a great deal on a Custom Shop VOS Standard. And I was referring to the bound neck, I know white was a color option, lol.
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