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  1. Do know that it's not actually solid Korina.
  2. If you want that early AC/DC sound, get the T-Top.
  3. I played a '63 SG Junior and the P90 in it knocked my socks off. To be fair though, I've never played a guitar equipped with modern P90s to compare with. It was gritty, almost Filtertron-like. All I know is it nailed my idea of that "vintage guitar" tone. Wish I could have afforded it, but I'd need about $350 more than my current guitar funds allow and the assholes at Guitar Center wouldn't budge on the price.
  4. Is It Just Me... or am I all on my own again? Talk about irony, check out the rhythm guitarist's single pickup Lester in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qt8b-beZEgA Pretty sweet guitar.
  5. Suicidehummer


    They made Robot LP Specials?
  6. Not too artsy at all, that's beautiful! I didn't know those came with bound headstocks with holly inlays.
  7. I'm not usually a fan of the natural bursts, but yours looks a lot like the natural finish some late '60s SGs came in.
  8. Yeah I'm with RockMan82 on the '65 SG. However, I'm buying a Custom Shop SG VOS soon so that's close enough for me!
  9. I wouldn't think sawdust or a chip of wood would make any noise inside a wooden guitar...
  10. I'm still confused... what was really in that guy's (and your) guitar?
  11. Just watch Ebay and be patient.
  12. Not mine but I was going to buy one just like it until I found a great deal on a Custom Shop VOS Standard. And I was referring to the bound neck, I know white was a color option, lol.
  13. I have seen some white ones with bound necks. Was this an option or just a common mod?
  14. I believe those came with Burstbuckers too...
  15. Wow, really guys? This shouldn't even be a discussion; it's clearly real, it doesn't take an SG expert to tell that. Who the hell would fake a '79 SG anyway? The only thing that's not right to me is the tailpiece which could easily be aftermarket.
  16. It's a LP-Extreme from '01. They added White Pearloid and Black Pearloid as colors shortly after introduction. I would say yours is Black Pearloid but I've only seen White Pearloid which looks brighter. http://epi.p3net.net/wiki/index.php/LP-Xtreme
  17. I've also noticed a lot of G-400s coming from Indonesia.
  18. LOL so some YouTube videos are supposed to convince us Epiphones are better than Gibsons? Come on. Even if you modify an Epi to sound nearly as good as a Gibson you can't make it play as good. Now let's not beat this dead horse anymore.
  19. Didn't know they came in red but here you go: http://epi.p3net.net/wiki/index.php/50th_Anniversary_Les_Paul_Custom
  20. Epiphone will slap a "Custom Shop" sticker on just about anything, sorry to burst your bubble but there's nothing special about these guitars.
  21. These pages should help you guys out: http://epi.p3net.net/wiki/index.php/S-Series http://epi.p3net.net/wiki/index.php/Pro-Series The Pro-Series and S-Series had nothing in common other than that the Pro-Series was most likely created to replace the higher-end S-Series models that were discontinued in 1988. The OP's S-900 is a 1986 or possibly an early 1987 judging by the headstock.
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