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  1. No, hes asking how we know that EE corresponds to Qingdao. Anyway, the guitar you bought should have a sticker that says either "Crafted in China" or "Made in Korea".
  2. Just FYI guys, the serial number on a white sticker with a black border means you're looking at a Samick Korea-built guitar from the mid '80s-1989.
  3. I didn't say to put in a stop tailpiece, READ WHAT I SAID!
  4. I might be missing something but why can't you just put the strings through stop-tailpiece-style? To show what I mean, look at these pics... Stop Tailpiece wrapped around backwards: Stop tailpiece normal: Can't you just do the opposite?
  5. Joe, sorry if this has already been said as I haven't read the whole topic but the serial number you posted indicates a 1987 Samick Korea build.
  6. Actually those are probably both Cherry Sunburst now that I think of it.
  7. They only used that headstock from 1986-1989 and the Les Paul Standard was introduced in 1989 so you do the math. Here's a picture from the 1989 Epiphone Catalog: It came in Cherry Sunburst: ... and Honeyburst: The serial number was on a sticker on the back of the headstock but it was commonly ripped off:
  8. You must be mistaking the B for a 3. I can't see in your picture. It looks very legit, and I would put it in the '90s probably Korean made. The serial makes no sense though. You should try to get a better pic or figure it out for yourself.
  9. God, look at this abomination: http://www.guitarofchina.com/popup_image.php?pID=9195&image=0 Although I would like to buy a LP and see how bad it is...
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