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    HYe, can you replace normal humbuckers, with dog ear p90s or regular p90s thank you
  2. thelady

    Cable Crackle

    thank you ill try cleaning it
  3. thelady

    Cable Crackle

    I have two cables a bullet cable and a monster cable and when ever i put one in my Les Paul and i turn it a little it crakles is this normal?
  4. Can you install a Maestro Tailpeice on an archtop Les Paul with out drilling anything more into the Les Paul there allso might not be Maestros for lespauls? answers?
  5. thelady

    Lester Paul

    What do you think would have happend in Les Paul would have named his guitar the "Lester Paul" :o
  6. thelady


    Any one else love the smell of fresh lacquer?
  7. fender allways is a good amp mabye not as cheap as you would like but is still a great amp
  8. Off topic, but what kind of Les Paul is she? she has a chambered body like the supreme but no official supreme inlay on the headstock. Any ideas?
  9. If you have any please post pictures
  10. What does it mean if you have USED on the top of the back of your headstock? (I know it probably means its been used but still)
  11. Thanks for the warm welcome and the help.
  12. Is there a way to put a toggle washer on a les paul that doesnt have one already? If anyone has any answers please tell me [/img]
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