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  1. I don't care about Gary Moore, don't like his sound anyway ! I'm letting this LP sleep in its coffin, I'll concentrate on something else.
  2. The guitar was 1000e or 1100e new. 300e is still quite a bite of money you’re right ! That’s why I asked here before doing a mistake ! Thanks again ;)
  3. That wasn’t what I expected but that’s what I’m here for, learning from others. I got the guitar for free, so in my mind that was a Les Paul for 300e (About $350) and here in Europe this is a VERY interesting deal ! The only place you can find a LP for this cheap is in your dreams. (Second hand in a good shape this guitar worth 6 or 700e ($650/800) at least. Sold $1200 new from shops) I know this luthier, he’s one of the most respected in the area so I trust his work 100%, if he says it’s doable, it is. But ok, I got your point ! I’ll probably focus on my Coronado refret job and save this LP money for something else. (The Supro reissues haunt me... - -‘) Thanks for your replies :)
  4. Hi there ! I found a Gibson Les Paul BFG Gary Moore with the head badly broken. Luthier asks 300e to get it fixed. It belonged to a spoilt teenager who doesn't know how lucky he his to have wealthy parents. The head has been broken a first time, then fixed. Well fixed or not, I'll never know. Fact is that sucker felt like the guitar wasn't staying in tune well enough so he threw the guitar across the room and broke the head a second time. It then slept a few years in its coffin until I found it. I'm playing dirty raw blues/garage rock or stuff like that, think early Black Keys, White Stripes or stuff like that, so I'm not sure it will fit that vintage/raw sound I'm after. Videos I found on Youtube shows people playing cleaner rock or blues. So... What do you think ? What about putting a Filterton or something, Firebird pickup why not, on the bridge for more original tone ?? Just weird ideas... Never had the chance to play vintage Gibsons, but I own a few vintage stuffs like Fender Coronado II '66, National lawsuit Les Paul '69, Guyatone '60's something and I really dig those sounds ! Kind of cheap sounding but raw and mean pickups. I feel that nowadays everything sounds the same... (I'm a bit extreme here) So I'm really hunting for those different tones. I'll pay to save it anyway, and see if it's right for me or not and sell it to a more careful owner if it doesn't, but that's always interesting to know what you guys think. Thanks a lot !
  5. Honnestly I don't know regarding woods or inlays etc... The guy didn't ask me so much details ! Even no details at all ! lol He just said a personnalized one is 200e more... But of course I can guess if you want more expensive woods or details such as inlays you will probably pay more... It depends on the basis model you want anyway ! So maybe you still pay 200e more, but the guitar is more expensive... See what I mean ? I don't have a clue ! In my case I was interested only by different pick ups and paint :P
  6. Hey guys ! I asked to an official dealer here in France, he tells me it's something like 200 Euros (270 bucks) more, for example, you choose a LP Studio + 200 Euros for a personalized one ! Not that expensive ! Maybe even cheaper in the US !? But anyway I changed my mind lol I'll probably go for a Black Beauty with 3 pick-ups plus Bigsby ! Thank you all !
  7. HAHAHA if you're right I'm ****ed ! But I can understand that it's way more expensive for them if everyone asks for a Custom model... Anyway I will ask to a local dealer to see what he knows ! ;)
  8. Aw yes this is a good idea ! I should use my brain time to time By the way it's a great collection you have !! Congrats :)
  9. Hello guys ! I was wondering if it was possible to order a guitar with your own specs, I mean, I love LPs with P-90 or Mini-hum but most of the time they are collectible ones, not new ones, so expensive and maybe not the best thing to play with during a gig... My dream would be a wine red LP with Mini-hum and Bigsby (Close to a Deluxe afterall !) So I heard that the Custom Shop WAS able to do that kind of thing, but is it STILL possible ?? And if yes, what must I do ? Thank you
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