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    Playing music of course, and seeing with envy all the wonderful new Gibson guitars that forum members are buying. I used to enjoy taking my 70's Bird to fancy dancy parties at the coast and drown out all the Martins.

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  1. Must have taken quite a bit of time to come up with such wisdom on the subject.
  2. Compared to lets say 2000 and up J-45, J-50, Hummingbird. Are they all pretty close to each other sound wise? I never played a CW and am just curious why SC plays one, and how they sound.
  3. Maybe admin will spot this and get rid of the fine folks from Nigeria with access to this forum.
  4. removed anzafrank Hi I am a fragile and tender woman who needs a strong and reliable, SEXsexual partner. My phоtо here removed Kisses Anzafrank removed removed removed
  5. Very nice guitars, but I got almost nothing in the way of a comparison with him playing each with a different style of picking, but I never really get much info from a you tube vid to make a judgement of true sound.
  6. It better kiss ya for that price!
  7. Pardon my ignorance, but doesn't Tommy Emmanuel do hybrid picking or a veriation of it?
  8. Thanks much for clearing up my ignorance. It all makes sense now except the very idea that TM is playing a knock off made by Suzuki? Maybe it was just laying around there for all to play? Mixing the gas with oil comes to mind...
  9. So the Dove is not maple? I couldn't tell with all the talking! Why would anybody be talking with Tommy and the gang playing for free? Thanks for posting this!
  10. Or the OP grabs the information needed and doesn't care to leave a thank you....
  11. +1 and I couldn't agree more. Violeiro has the big 3 without a doubt. Of course a J-100 or 200 wouldn't hurt much....
  12. love that J-100! I could have bought a used one at GC cheap, but it was dead sounding as if stuffed with rags. The strings were old, but old strings or not that guitar should have had some nice power. Too bad! Nice song and picking!
  13. Hi Mike, I have a 86 J-30 that has that 70's sound and love it!
  14. Hi Cab, I don't know you and can't feel what you're going through, but maybe hold off on selling your your guitars and just wait a while before doing anything for now. Things might change for the better and you might be sorry later on. Just my thoughts....
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