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    Playing music of course, and seeing with envy all the wonderful new Gibson guitars that forum members are buying. I used to enjoy taking my 70's Bird to fancy dancy parties at the coast and drown out all the Martins.

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  1. Nice song and vid, but the story about Billy Bragg having to pay out so very much money instead of making lots is very depressing! What happened to making money touring? I know the answer and am just complaining.
  2. That is assuming there are some here who are actually addicted to Gibson acoustics, and i'm wondering just how you became a Gibson nut. For me it started with playing a high school friends B-25 after having only owned very cheap acoustic guitars prior to that . That little B-25 was a real eye opener along with him having a bunch of very enticing music store Gibson brochures, and that started the insanity.
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  4. Add one more with the same problem, same finger, but mine took a few weeks from too much sliding up the frets, and as soon as I resume playing it will be the same. Great ain't it? I am going to try soaking it though.
  5. Nice everything. Nice song, rhythm, and lead licks with no screw ups.
  6. I will nick, but the only Bird I've ever seen in the La Mesa GC (San Diego area) was a cherry burst that was an absolute cannon, but had intonation problems, and I think my J-30 had better overall tone. But, the best price they could come up with was $3,200.00 plus tax, and it had problems! They pulled it for a few months (maybe to another store?) and put it back out about a month ago and still no sale. They also had a thin sounding J-200 that they did the same with, and still hadn't sold it also.
  7. Did you hear me say I wanted to pay more?
  8. Didn't see the "slim body" thing and the pickguard is different. I wouldn't mind playing one.
  9. And a burst finish for another 200 bucks more? Anyone know why such a cheap price on a Bird? 2019 studio antique natural. There's no painting on the pickard, but that wouldn't account for all that much.
  10. burst finishes on Birds? I'm thinking that most all the music stores in the 70's that I checked out in so. ca. had mostly natural finished Birds. Am I nuts? Don't answer that.
  11. The EJ16's so far sound better than anything I've tried including a whole lot of Martins on my 86 J-30 (H.B. without the bling). Maybe your bird has a very bright sound to start with? On mine, the silk and steel Martin meds. were not nearly bright nor loud enough for my tastes, but the EJ16's are actually louder, smoother and brighter. Even the first string has a nice ring. I'd love to play your bird just to hear those EJ16's on it. Might have to do it the hard way trying everything out there until you find the ones she loves.
  12. People like me are not exactly loved on the AVG having the forum name gibpicker, but I don't care, because the only Guitars that ever got me off were Gibson's, period, end of story. Sorry to be so absolute closed minded, but like someone else here said, the Martins they ever played put them to sleep. Whens the last time you saw a Martin on the wall that took your breath away like a J-200, or a Bird etc. would? When I was at GS A few days ago with lots & lots of unlocked Taylors and Martins, the only Guitars I looked at were Gibson's.
  13. As far as the second string being off, it was ok going from E to A to D in the lower frets, and A-ish cords in the middle frets sliding up and down a few frets (never heard such fine, blasting sounds), but going back down to the lower fret D, the sound seemed a bit thin. Then, like I said, taking an E all the way up to the top frets, strumming all 6 strings the second string went south. Another strange thing was all the nice and expensive Taylors and Martins were hanging on the walls unlocked for anyone to pick up and play, with this one Gibson row of a J-200, H.bird, J-45, and 3 J-35's locked up.
  14. Was looking at a row of locked up Gibson acoustics at Guitar Center which they were a bit stingy in letting an older dude like me who looked like he could afford to buy any one of them play a few, which I thought was a very strange way to sell guitars acting like they were doing me a favor only unlocking one at a time and making me chase down the only very young person with the key who went on lunch break. The G.C. was in La Mesa, Ca. Anyway, I started with a J-200 which was very nice with lots of power, then a lack luster sounding J-45, a little cheap sounding J-35, then an absolute cannon red cherry Bird. Loudest guitar I ever played by far, and sounded like it was amplified it was so loud. People were coming up listening and commenting at how much volume it was putting out with me pushing it a bit hard with a pick. The problem with the Bird was playing an E at the first and second fret, then bringing that E up as far up the neck as you can (don't know what the cord is) where you can play all 6 string, the second string was a mile off either flat or sharp (can't remember). I guess my questions are two: Could that fret problem just be few low or high frets, and secondly, how could Gibson let it out the door like that? I bought some strings at a mom & pop music store a few months back, and the kid that ran it said that Gibson was having quality control issues. I didn't want to hear or believe it, but what's up with the bird's fret problem? Just wish you all could have heard that Birds Volume, and at a G.S.!
  15. Sorry for not clarifying using the bleach to keep the moldy smell down after being in the case for about a week or so.
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