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  1. Ive seen this guy before, yes,, he's pretty DAMN good !! very close to Hendrix in many respects,, not to many impersonators that I DO like, but this guys good ;)
  2. thats a COOL tune man !!! Love it, love the violin on that too !! what amp are you using ??
  3. I've been using the two pups together and I like the variety of tones I'm able to achieve with that combination, I've not noticed a "thin" tone though, if its just a matter of removing the pick guard and flipping the pickup around I will do that upon my next re-string, cosmetically it doesnt really bother me much
  4. oh hell yes !! one that "blew me away " though was this tune, I LOVED the drop tuning 3/4 of the way through, that was amazing to me when this first came out, I remember my best friend at the time had the vinyl first and brought it over to my house, when I heard this song I was blown away http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ReuBms-qZQk&feature=results_main&playnext=1&list=PL4D04AD679973B39D
  5. you know,, just today I was reading about this and this guitarist, I had never heard of this guy,, hard to believe because this guy is fantastic and what a story behind him !! I found this video of this guy and what tone he has !! of course I heard of Fleetwood Mac and new of their early blues influences but never really paid much attention to them,, hard for me to believe that I missed this guys contribution http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IxgY9eEFiYM&list=FLIxSdpd15U969PCWI5qKt7A&feature=mh_lolz
  6. I bought a used Sg special about a year ago, I just realized the top pickup was installed upside down I believe, the screws should be up on the top one ( neck) and down on the bottom (bridge) pickups right ??, they are both installed down on this guitar,, how does that affect the tone if at all ?
  7. after I posted this last night, I was on an Allman Brothers/Duane Allman kick and I got on Youtube, was watching some old concert footage with him and Dickie Betts,, man,, some GREAT stuff !! That Live at Fillmore East was and still is one of my ALL time favorite records ever !! I was watching a concert where Dickie was playing an SG,, man that sounded sweet !!! I also found an interview of Dickie (recent) looked like they were in a hotel room or something, Dickie seems like such a "burn out" its been a long road for those boys !!! I then saw some recent footage of Dickie playing live with his
  8. what a great tune,, hard to believe Duane's been gone 40 yrs !! Some GREAT Gibson tones here !! Today is the 40th anniversary of his death,, so a tribute is due,, one of the greats of our time,, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXIyPaMaLfc&feature=related
  9. SGSpecialguy


    schweet !!!!!!! [thumbup]
  10. very nice man !! I like it, that lead at the end is sweet :)
  11. thats the first time Ive seen him with a pipe in his mouth
  12. their first album was released the year I graduated from high school, what an album it was too !! Thats was probably my favorite album from that particular era, the song "more then a feeling " was mine and my girlfriends song at that time, even to this day it brings back memories :)
  13. for me it was Tony Iommi, he was my main influence, that kick *** riffs were for the time amazing, still are actually, then it was Hendrix, always loved his style and his originality, ground breaking guitar playing at the time
  14. a cool song and the words are SO pertinent today !!! That off their upcoming 3rd CD ?
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